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10 avoid commit dating foolish man mistake that them woman

10 avoid commit dating foolish man mistake that them woman-36

Good guys hook up with women for sex on the first night or they have a girlfriend or a wife. So, being good is not a bad thing when it comes to women and dating.The problems occur when a good guy is to a woman in the hopes that she will “like” him and then reward him with sex and love because of his niceness. That approach may get a woman to “like” you as a person, but it’s not what makes a woman feel sexually attracted to you.

You’re essentially communicating to her that you’re out of touch with the modern world.Back in the 1800s or early 1900s, getting a woman to commit to a relationship was essential because almost every woman lost her virginity on her wedding night.In those times, a man would have to court a woman and take her on a series of outings (dates) with a chaperone (a person, usually a family member, who would come along to supervise the couple and ensure that they didn’t touch or kiss) and he would then eventually ask her to marry him.Women are not obligated to reward nice behavior with sex and that is not how it works anyway.Just like you want to have sex with women that you’re attracted to, a woman wants to be able to have sex with a guy whom she is attracted to, not a sneaky nice guy who is hoping to be rewarded with sex for being a good guy to her.Get to kissing and sex first and then take it from there. Anyone who tells you that nice guys finish last or that you have to be a “bad boy” to get women is wrong.

As you would have seen by observing the world around you, good guys have girlfriends, wives and lovers.

You don’t know that sex happens a lot and it usually happens before relationships even begin.

You don’t know that she has had a one night stand before or that she would sleep with you on the first night, first date or second date.

Some guys may see that as “wrong” because they haven’t yet come to terms with the fact that culture always changes, but it’s how it works these days. It’s a constant evolution based on new ideas, freedoms and understandings of life.

A mistake that many good guys or “nice guys” make with women is asking for a relationship commitment up front.

Instead of wasting time and being dishonest by using a sneaky nice guy approach on women, just be real. When she interacts with you, a woman wants to get the sense that you are the masculine one and she is the feminine one.