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100 free dominant woman dating

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Being with a dominant man, she is liberated from making the decisions and the responsibilities that come with them.Even if she cannot openly express it because of the feminist ideology and oppression in the media, you have to realise that being in the submissive role is something she actually receives satisfaction from, and, for the same reason, this also apply to sex which is at the heart of men-women relationships.

See it like this: you’re the boss and your girlfriend or wife is your lieutenant.The basic reason why women are attracted to more dominant men is mainly because they figure: if he can’t even handle me, how the hell he is going to be able to protect me from anything else?No matter how much feminist brainwashing they have been influenced by, it’s part of their core instincts!Tell her what you’re doing and let her choose if she wants to be in or not. If she ever comes to ask you to take the lead, it means you are doing something wrong.Can you imagine yourself going to your boss telling him that he need to take the lead on something?It’s her job to feed and nurture the kid and yours is to enforce order and discipline.

If your daily work or business requires more energy than hers, or that you bring more money home, it’s only logical that you take more rest once at home.

When things go wrong, you’re responsible to figure them out.

She can provide support if requested or just sit back and relax.

Obviously, what she thinks matters, she is second-in-command in your unit, and you’re the one who gave her the promotion.

But let’s be clear about one important thing here: you are the one who makes the decision and take the responsibility for it.

You are probably already aware that assuming a dominant role in any relationship with women will make them way more attracted to you than if you’re merely neutral or submissive.