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12 dating rules

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Recommended Read: 6 Couple Traits That Tell If You And Your Partner Are Made For Each Other Just because I am busy with my work more often than sometimes doesn’t mean I don’t wish for you to surprise me, take me out on special dates and pamper me a lot. In every single sphere of life, I want you to never look down upon me or think that I am incapable of reaching to your standards because quite frankly, in many areas, I might be much above you for all that it matter!It is a very important part of my life for sure, but I have a life beyond you too and I would love for you to respect that.

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"It's important for singles to know that the dating rules have changed," says Whitney Casey, Relationship Expert for Whereas older singles are more cautious when it comes to dating in the digital era."That said, here are the eight dating habits — new and old — that every single person needs to know about.Related: 10 Dating Tips I REALLY Wish I'd Followed While I Was Single Ah, the social media dilemma that plagues all singles.My work and my personal life are two different zones for me.I am a different person at work and a different one for you. You and I, both have a few joint and a lot many individual priorities."This study finds that dating behaviors drastically differ between the ages.

Younger singles are more likely to friend their date on Facebook, communicate by text after a date, and be evasive about their availability if they're not interested in a second date.

Now is the time for true companionship and not silly dating games.

Must Read: 15 Signs That Your Partner Is A Big Time Attention Seeker Yes, I have dreams, goals and targets to achieve, but that does not mean I have no feelings.

While deep down, we know what it is, we still wish there would come a time when men would stop bringing in their egos between them and their rather independent partner’s life and begin to truly treat them as equals without any bias.

And as far as the women are concerned, they really don’t need a man’s support to fend for them and are quite capable of giving themselves and their families a lavish life.

"You have to be each other's plus-one at every celebration or family event." If his friends are throwing a party, and you don't know them that well and are coming down with the flu, stay home! Send a nice note and a gift, and curl up with reruns, and don't worry about it.3.