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One in six British couples now sleep in separate beds, found research by memory foam mattress specialist And over half of which claim they actually sleep in separate rooms.

As much as we like to get the recommended eight hours sleep a night, we’re not sure putting our relationship in jeopardy is the way to go about it.This can cause the egg to be able to travel to the uterus after all.The most common times that a tubal ligation fails is either shortly after the procedure, or very far down the road, usually around ten years after having one done.If you have had a tubal ligation and you have decided that you want to get pregnant after all, there are options available to you.There is something known as a tubal ligation reversal, which is, pretty much, the untying of the tubes.What is less obvious, though, is the loss of spontaneous cuddling, touching and chatting in bed, which is actually the glue that bonds a couple over the longer term.

A lack of this ‘bonding’ can lead to a couple feeling distant from each other.

Doctors are more likely to do a tubal ligation reversal if it has been less than ten years since the tubal ligation was done, and if a woman is younger than 40.

Doctors also will usually only do tubal ligation reversals if a woman is in good health.

And the research found two thirds of those sleeping separately felt it had negatively affected their relationship.

The study, polled 2,010 men and women aged 18 and over in a co-habiting relationship from across the UK.

We’ve all banished our partner to the spare room when their snoring is causing us sleepless nights.