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We need to especially identify and focus/capitalise on what 3D virtual worlds are best at--those (useful) things/scenarios that can only be effectively carried out in virtual worlds and not via any other 'e' medium (as effectively), and also determine the optimal formulae for blended approaches that combine 2D and 3D media.

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In fact, one should ask the question: 'why does CISCO, the owner of Web Ex, maintain a very strong presence (including healthcare-related) in the world of Second Life and regularly conduct activities there?Second Life, on the other hand, is about 3D social networking par excellence; it has this unique 'human touch' and is instantaneous, something not found (in a similar way) in 2D social networking sites like My Space and Facebook or in instant messaging/voice chatting services like Paltalk.Second Life is closer in many respects to face-to-face/social encounters, but also adds to them many exciting new dimensions, fantasy, and virtually endless possibilities--you name it.Would you want a creep getting access to a teen dating site or a children-only forum, for example?It's much harder to monitor kids online than it is at a playground or school, so some kind of restriction might help.' Again, this is not a full answer, but just some thoughts.

Web Ex ( is perhaps the leading (2D) Web conferencing solution today.

The court adds that North Carolina's law could easily be misinterpreted to include just about any commercial site with a social element and access for minors, such as Amazon or Web MD.

However well-intentioned the law may be, it would be all too easy to toss an offender back into prison simply because they went shopping or researched symptoms.

The judges are aware that safety still has to be taken into consideration.

Judge Samuel Alito is concerned that treating all sites as platforms for free speech risks making it difficult to block access to any site.

It's understandable why governments would want to keep sex offenders away from social networks -- you don't want predators messaging their potential targets.