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Accomodating in the general education classroom

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Some assignments are pointless, I am currently in PCN-515 and most weekly papers are personal essays yet these require references?

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The DNP students are further required to stipulate that their editors submit an affidavit to the school attesting to what they changed or recommended be changed.Many students are stress out and contemplating leaving the program as many believe GCU will never allow them to graduate.Students considering this DNP program should do their due diligence, they may never be allowed to graduate.Case in point, my current instructor is constantly riding me like Seabiscuit about my APA formatting, and references for projects, but she obviously has no clue about APA formatting herself, and seems to be just making it up as she goes along.I KNOW APA format like the back of my hand, but she finds something wrong in almost every sentence of every paragraph of my papers.The books are predominately an e-book that you get free through the class site, but those not covered are easily purchased as an e-book through online vendors (thank you Crtl F for quick searches btw).

To be brutally honest, some of my classmates have been clearly academically disadvantaged and are probably getting their grades at a steal...

In my experience, they both are pretty consistent in their availability and promptness in responding to any of my needs.

Classes are through Loud Cloud, which is an easy program to use.

If I had to do this over again, I would pick a different online program.

I have been taking graduate courses for Healthcare Informatics at GCU for the last year or so, and have maintained a 3.9 GPA....

There is a huge amount of copying that goes on for weekly question posting.