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In fact, Webster was present on her fourth recording session on July 2, 1935, which was also the vocalist’s first date under the wing of pianist Teddy Wilson. 1 LOVE, YOU DIDN’T DO RIGHT BY ME 02 SISTERS 03 IT’S BECAUSE WE’RE IN LOVE 04 SAN FRANCISCO BLUES 05 AIN’T THAT LOVE? Although Billie Holiday’s association with tenor saxophonist Ben Webster could never match up to her long-standing relationship – both musically and personally – with the great tenorist Lester Young, the vocalist would record with Webster on many occasions dating back to the very beginning of her career. In addition, all of the Peggy Lee-Benny Carter studio collaborations prior to 1954, as well as six hard to find 1954 Peggy Lee singles with various bands have bee added as a bonus.

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[Sir Rosevelt] has become the outlet we have for everything outside of the homegrown roots of ZBB. (Capitol Records ST 1131) and Sugar ‘N’ Spice (Capitol Records ST1772).America has said its final goodbye to the Queen of the Skies.This week, Delta Air Lines operated its final commercial flight using a Boeing 747-400 jumbo jet.The retirement of Delta's 747 fleet marks the end of the jumbo's nearly five decades of service with US airlines. Although the 747 will still grace the skies above the US with foreign carriers like Lufthansa and Korean Air or with cargo carriers like UPS and Atlas, the idea that US passenger airlines will no longer operate what is arguably America's most iconic and successful airplane is sad. The reality is that the four-engined jumbo is big, expensive, and thirsty.Especially when compared to twin jets like Boeing 777 and the Airbus A350.The album also contained three previously unreleased songs, recorded between May and December 1961. 1956- 57 proved a busy period for Billie Holiday, who after overcoming many breakdowns had just published her memoirs, titled Lady Sings the Blues (in collaboration with William Dufty). The band is a collaboration between Ian Skelly (the Coral) and Paul Molloy (the Zutons), whose previous groups were widely recognized in the U. around the turn of the century, notably for their catchy combination of pop and psychedelia.

The music presented here is a testament to Wolf’s unearthly, mighty force. She performed a concert at Carnegie Hall on December 10, 1956 to promote her book. The pair met in 2014 at one of Skelly's after-parties in Liverpool, where they quickly discovered they had a musical affinity; based on that encounter they hurriedly booked themselves into Castle Grayskull Studios in Merseyside, and began working on their debut album.

“These remixes – more than one hour worth of music – are, as I see it, more detailed and better balanced, where I found this album to be painfully brutal, overly compressed and rough in the original 2002 mix, at times.” 1 Rhythm Of Life 2 Retropolis 3 Rhythm Of The Sea 4 There Is More To This World 5 Romancing The City 6 The Melting Pot 7 Silent Sorrow 8 The Judas Kiss 9 Retropolis By Night 10 Flora Majora 11 The Road Back Home 1 In The Eyes Of The World 2 A Room With A View 3 Just This Once 4 Church Of Your Heart 5 Poor Mr.

The final album in this wonderful box set and also recorded in 1963 is Getz’s collaboration with another Brazilian guitarist, Laurindo Almeida who is credited as being at the forefront of the creation of the bossa nova sound. Stolt says: “For this re-release I have carefully remixed “The Truth Will Set You Free, Devil’s Playground” and “Black & White” – it wasn’t easy to find, or even remember, where all files resided.

Instead, it featured a selection of hit singles and B-sides cut at different sessions that took place over several years. Imagine a nightmarish sonic theme-park of catacombs, occult mantras, fuzz wig-outs and spacey evocations, inhabited by a plethora of extra terrestrial mutants, far-out freaks and the undead.

(Wolf ’s evolution as a musician is particularly evident when listening to the two opening tunes, “Shake for Me” and “The Red Rooster”.) Based on the fact that this is more of a “best of” type album, one might ask why it is considered to be one of Howlin Wolf ’s finest if it was just a collection of singles? Written, arranged, produced and performed by the pair after they stumbled across a skip full of mysterious keyboards, seemingly beamed in from a distant solar system. Lovecraft had been born in the baby-boomer age and opted to form a psych-rock band instead of writing science fiction he would no doubt have sounded something like this.

Hence the popularity of smaller widebody jets like the Boeing 787 Dreamliner.