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"Helping your neighbors and helping each other out."NEWS CENTER did some research and was not able to find anyone across the country with 70 years of active service in a fire department. saw 25 adult campers at the Assembly hammering, sawing, constructing, deconstructing, shoveling, tamping, roofing, plumbing, digging, filling, raking, sweeping, cleaning, tossing, replacing, piling, levelling, sorting, scanning, and cataloging, among other things.

Skyping in were Debbie Cook from Pennsylvania and Dan Dyer, Jon Crowe, Dave Richardson, and Flames representative Liz Dyer from Maine. Bob Perry offered his treasurer's report, with the Board discussing two aspects of it: 1. It's especially a lot of work for the bulletin editor. It costs the Assembly around $1,000 each year to print and mail the bulletin. More than 50% of the bulletin content is the exact same information year after year after year, and — with very few exceptions — is basically only read by non-attendees and potential newbies who are either on our mailing list or else picked up a copy somewhere. Most regulars only look at the themes, the photos, the rates, and a few random pages here and there anyhow. It is very hard to justify the huge amount of work and the sizeable cost of producing the bulletin each year considering the rather negligible results and the fact that all the info in the bulletin is already on our website long before the bulletin comes out. Another thing the Outreach Committee is aware of is that many people just love seeing all the photos in the bulletin and often keep it handy in their homes, leafing through it repeatedly for brief moments of FNCA pleasure throughout the months leading up to camp.Thanks for your hard work, comaraderie, and cheerful participation in this very important event that saves us thousands and thousands of dollars every year. doing email outreach during the year using an email contact program like Mail Chimp 9. lecture themes will be "Uses" and "The Teachings of Jesus", with which theme which week to be determined later 11. Meanwhile, online registration opened up and camp registrations began pouring in.Waltham MA - 1/9/16 The FNCA Board of Trustees held their annual mid-winter meeting at Studio Crossings in Waltham MA today. Currie, Trevor offered the invocation to open the meeting. Sometime in mid-April, the problems still had not been resolved, and there was still little possibility for the bulletin to happen in even vaguely close to a timely manner... That got a few members of the Outreach Committee thinking: Why are we doing all this work every year to produce the bulletin which (prior to the internet) was how we communicated with our membership about registering for camp, if all the information in the bulletin is already online before the bulletin is printed and everyone is registering without it? Yes, many of us get nostalgic for the Good Old Days (can we still valid, and your friendly FNCA Outreach Committee has already come up with a much more practical solution than spending 40 hours of labor and $1,000.(The links above show the completed work.) Smaller projects include: replacing the window ropes in the Girls Dorm; fixing leaky faucets and/or showers in Taft, Woof, and Bray South; filling several holes in the loop road and grading the edge of the entrance to camp from Rte 302; putting a new bed in Room 2 in the Perry Wing; cleaning and arranging the Goddard Annex play room; putting a "wheelchair wedge" at the base of the front door from the porch into the Dining Hall; raking the leaves and pine needles away from cabins; cleaning cabins and the bedrooms in the Main Building; completely cleaning out the walk-in fridge in the Kitchen; cutting a tree that had fallen in the river at the waterfront; painting porch railings; repairing fascia boards on the Claxton cabin; and a host of smaller stuff. In the meantime, be sure to check out the brand-new FNCA Time Line which is now in the FNCA History menu. the rates this year will be the same as last year 15 filling the void created by discontinuing the bulletin 16.The camp historian and his able helper spent their time beginning a catalog of our old camp files and records. The camp historian also spent many, many hours going through meeting minutes of the "Women's Auxiliary of the Fryeburg New-Church Assembly" dating continuously from 1935-1975, as well as reading extensive correspondence on file dating back to 1912! Everyone at Work Weekend enjoyed the excellent meals, thanks to the planning, prep work, and able leadership of Nancy Little and her crew. the Building & Grounds Committee's to do list 17. the future work that's going to be done on Rte. All in all, it was an easy-flowing, productive meeting with smiles and laughter along with the serious discussions and decisions.Well, the former Non-Session Use Committee, chaired by Board member Beki Greenwood, very suitably renamed itself the Facilities Rental Committee, and the commitee chair is now called the Rental Coordinator. The family of Virginia Flynn Branston is pleased to announce that they have created an annual scholarship fund in loving memory of their Mom, Grandmother and Great Grandmother: The Virginia Branston FNCA Flames Scholarship Fund.

Virginia loved attending the Fryeburg New Church Assembly and shared that enthusiasm with her family.

With Building & Grounds Committee members Dave Richardson and Colgate Searle leading the big projects, and B&G member Nancy Little in charge of the rest of the To Do List and meals, everything ran smooth as toast for the entire weekend.

The bigger projects include: finishing up the final work on compliant door on the Dole Wing bathroom; adding and tamping down a dumptruckful of gravel to the lead-up to the handicapped ramp on Twitchell South to accomodate a 500 lb high-tech wheelchair; putting two new runoff pipes under the road next to the Goddard Annex in preparation for the new gutters that will be arriving soon; and replacing the water heater in the Laird Cabin. There will be a report about this project as an Evening Activity during the second week of camp this summer.

These 1912 pieces were the original letters between Rev. And with all that, there was still plenty of time in the evenings for socializing, various games and entertainments, and both serious and silly conversation among friends old and new. 302 starting in 2017 or 2018 and how it will effect our property 19. ______________________________________________ 5/14/15 Well, here it is straight off and then a very brief bit of history and a list of nine reasons why: The FNCA Outreach Committee (with the approval of the Board) decided earlier this Spring to discontinue the bulletin.

A great big goes out to everyone who attended Work Weekend 2016! Through a series of unfortunate events (primarily massive computer failure), the printing date for the bulletin kept being pushed further and further from the traditional late February early March, with no relief in sight.

Don't hold your breath waiting because at this point it's just an idea, but it's a pretty good idea so there's a pretty good chance that it may actually happen, especially since self-publishing has gotten so much cheaper and easier than it every was before. Special thanks to Board member Bob Perry for arranging this. This summer, the race will again be held in the morning on middle Saturday.