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Adventures in delicious dating

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Then it's on to Santorini and our first hike along the crater rim to a spectacular sunset in Oia.On Amorgos, we tread ancient, cobblestone donkey routes past Byzantine monasteries and olive groves, while on Naxos, we follow the 'Four Villages Route', a walk through beautiful, undulating countryside and some of the prettiest villages in the islands.

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This is the place were the Apostle Paul preached to the citizens of Athens 2,000 years ago.This magnificent adventure describes a leisurely route across the beautiful landscapes of Greece's Cycladic island group.Our mainland jump-off point is none other than Athens, one of the world's greatest capital cities and a bustling metropolis that fuses antiquity and modernity to spectacular effect.A ten-minute walk along Ermou Street will take us to Keramikos, the final destination on our walking tour.This is the site of the city's ancient cemetery with its beautifully decorated tombstones and splendid collection of pottery inside the small museum.A short stroll away is the more recent Roman Agora from the first century BC and the landmark Tower of the Winds.

At Areos Street, just before Monastiraki Square, are the remains of Hadrian's Library -- a Roman building from the 2nd century BC.

This is the most obvious hike on Santorini and offers many changing views of the deep blue sea, distant snow-white villages, and multi-hued caldera cliffs.

Built on a steep slope of the caldera, many of Oia's dwellings nestle in the niches hewn in the volcanic rock.

Here we find the ruins of an 11th century BC Dorian settlement excavated by a German expedition in the 1860s.

We can see remains from the Hellenistic, Roman, and Byzantine periods.

The highlight of this tour is the ascent to the Acropolis with its architectural masterpieces dating back to the 5th century BC.