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Akademgorodok dating

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The Institute carries out research in laser spectroscopy of ultrahigh resolution, studied laser frequency standards, solid-state and semiconductor laser systems and materials of quantum electronics, is produced the generation of ultra-short pulses, is investigated the energetics of high-power lasers for scientific research and technology, developed the use of lasers in medicine and biology, are conducted work in the field of electronic systems and the use of computer technology.

Institute of Laser Physics was founded in 1991 based on the Department of Laser Physics of the Institute of Thermophysics.Institute of Catalysis was founded in 1958 as a part of the Siberian Branch of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR. Staff of the Institute is about 1,000 people, including over 350 scientists.Today the Institute is one of the largest research centers in the field of catalysis. The sphere of work of the Institute ranges from solving problems of the fundamental nature in the catalysis area till create new catalysts, catalytic technologies and pilot-industrial production of catalysts.Creation of the Institute of Mathematics was part of a global deployment plan of scientific work in Siberia within the construction of Akademgorodok.The main objective of the Institute is in creation of fundamental knowledge in algebra, number theory, and mathematical logic, geometry, mathematical analysis, differential equations and mathematical physics, probability theory and mathematical statistics, computational mathematics, computer science and mathematical cybernetics, mathematical modeling, theoretical physics of elementary particles and the atomic nucleus.It is a home to dozens of research institutes, Presidium of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (SB RAS) Novosibirsk State University, Physics and Mathematics School.

The campus of Novosibirsk State University is also located in Akademgorodok.

Today it is one of the most succesful science clusters in Russia.

Another landmark of Akademgorodok is its unique atmosphere.

The Institute cooperates with the Novosibirsk State University and Novosibirsk State Architecture and Construction University, annually awards scholarships and prizes for the best students, annually organizes the Inorganic Chemistry Olympiad, as well as employees of the Institute are actively involved in the conduct and organization of the Chemistry Olympiad for schoolchildren.

Also Institute contributes to solving scientific and social problems of young scientific employees, and actively involved in the cultural life of the city, organizes tours and conferences.

Scientific directions of the institute encompass all of modern inorganic chemistry, including clustered and supramolecular compounds, thermodynamics of inorganic systems, electronic structure and crystal chemistry, functional materials and physicochemical principles of the separation and purification of substances.