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Akatsuki dating games for girls

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Due to her short stature and youthful appearance, Akatsuki is easily mistaken for being much younger than she really is.In the real world, this made socializing with people her age very difficult, to the point that she had never once been on a date or even had a close friend.

She also comes to develop romantic feelings for him, since he never made assumptions about her abilities based on her looks.Akatsuki is one of the players trapped in the MMORPG Elder Tale.She is a Human Assassin-Tracker who joins Shiroe and Naotsugu, later becoming one of the founding members of Log Horizon.She was a member of the Akiba Raid Party, the Shibuya Raid Team, and the Akiba Guild Hall Raid Party. In the real world, her name is Shizuka Hanekura Akatsuki's original avatar in Elder Tale was a tall male Assassin with purple hair and eyes.He wore a long-sleeved purple hooded shirt with dark purple cuffs, armor on his shoulder and forehead areas, brown belted pants, knee-high boots with knee guards and a purple scarf tied around his neck.After obtaining an Appearance Reset Potion from Shiroe, Akatsuki changed her gender and size to be closer to her real-world appearance.

Now, she is a petite female Assassin but with purple eyes and long hair that she ties up in a ponytail.

She was usually a solo player who would only party up for specific quests.

It was during these times that she became acquainted with Shiroe, who never suspected that she was a girl.

Isuzu also states that Akatsuki has a hidden sense of humor, and enjoys washing and cleaning.

After Shiroe leaves to the raid in the Depths of Palm, Shiroe leaves Akatsuki behind to protect the princess.

She is a hard worker who does things tirelessly, just to be recognized based on her competence; in spite of that, her efforts never got proper recognition due to her cute appearance.