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Ali and baba had been dating

While Amir doesn't consider Hassan his friend, Hassan considers Amir his friend, even though Amir will not allow his Pashtun friends to see him and Hassan together, nor will he acknowledge their relationship.

Baba is a man of action, a self-made man, who never backs down from a fight.Amir is telling the story of his failure to protect the one person in his life worth protecting, his playmate and servant Hassan.Hassan would do anything for Amir, even suffer the indescribable violation of rape, just to satisfy a promise.Even though Ali was brought up with Baba, same as Hassan was with Amir, Baba and Amir never considered them their friends.Ali and Hassan are servants to Baba and Amir and they are Hazara, who are subservient to the Pashtun people, which is why Baba and Amir don't see them as friends.This is the beginning of what would become a successful career for him, when he is an adult. He promised Amir, he would retrieve the last kite Amir cut to seal his victory in the kite fighting tournament.

Assef and his two friends have cornered Hassan in an alley, they want the kite, but will allow Hassan to keep it if he submits to Assef's demand.

Amir would beg Hassan to use his slingshot to fire walnuts at the neighbor's dog.

Even though he knew it was wrong, Hassan could not say no to Amir.

"Hassan never denied me anything." (Amir, Chapter 1, p.

4) Outside of school Amir spent all his time with Hassan. An example of this is the game played by the boys up in the poplar trees in Baba's orchard.

He lets Hassan do the fighting for him and then lies about what happened to his father. Baba feels if he won't stand up for himself, then what kind of person will he be as an adult.