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Are charlyne yi and michael cera actually dating

The comedienne is wearing low-top sneakers, a scraggly ponytail, and a baggy T-shirt—one of many outfits in her tomboy oeuvre.“I have guy friends who have been dating a girl for six months and our other friends don’t know her name. ’ And I want to scream, ‘OK, her name is Sally, and she’s awesome, and you’ve known her for months. ’”It’s no surprise that Yi, 23 years old, should feel vexed by this classification.

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And yet, she says, she doesn’t know the first thing about love.“That’s why I decided to make this movie,” she says.Yi’s inability to find love is hard to watch; she is self-defeating and often says exactly the wrong thing.The audience really wants to root for her, but she keeps getting in her own way.Actress Charlyne Yi has made a career of playing excruciatingly awkward girls.Rachel Syme talks to the star of Paper Heart about Michael Cera and why she won’t be anyone’s “girlfriend.”“I have this phobia of becoming someone’s ‘girlfriend,’” says Charlyne Yi, swiveling around on her chair inside the glass fishbowl office of a Manhattan high rise.Yi took the idea to her filmmaker friend Nick Jasenovec, who agreed to direct, but suggested that the film might need a more personal arc.

So he proposed that Yi put herself on camera as the interviewer, and that she also fall in love over the course of the film.“Because of lack of time and lack of interest of exposing my love life or dating on camera, I agreed to do it, but had to be the character of ‘Charlyne’ rather than myself,” Yi explains. When we are going on these awkward dates, it wasn’t intended that way, we just didn’t know what to say so we talked about mundane stuff like food.

It’s almost as if she wanted to make a documentary about a topic that embarrassed her—her difficulty finding love—and to lessen the blow, put a narrative distance between herself and the material.

Even the director of the film is veiled—Nick is played by an actor, Jake Johnson, removing yet another level of reality from the scenes.

As “Charlyne” travels the country and speaks to children and adults, awkwardly falls for Michael, performs puppet shows, sings a twee love song into her computer, and finally has a meltdown in Paris about her inability to open up and fall for someone, the audience is never sure how much is coming from Yi and how much is conjecture. “I would never film myself, or feel comfortable exposing my life,” she says. The screen Charlyne doesn’t talk about how she feels, and I think I talk too much about how I feel, and I think I’m very transparent. I had to play deadpan and cut down on doing this sing-song thing with my words.”Still, a lot of the “real” Charlyne does come through in the film.

It can feel a bit like a bait-and-switch; are we seeing Yi’s true search for love? Almost all of Yi’s friends in the movie are male—Rogen, Martin Starr, Cera—and they call her “Chuck” for short.

Since her relationship with Michael Cera, Aubrey Plaza has been in a long-term relationship with writer and director Jeff Baena since 2011.