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Are chris crocker and danny dating

High School simply wouldn’t be a welcoming environment.So, here was a young kid stuck at home with the grandparents who raised him after his fourteen-year old mother gave up custody that was being censored under the guise of protection.

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Crocker earned a legion of fans fawning over his eccentric originality that led him to film more and more videos in which his grandparents and mother would occasionally appear.Crocker’s hubris got the best of him as thoughts of fame began to alter actions.The image America wanted to see became who he was instead of the unflinching person that got him there.I wasn’t watching CNN when his “Leave Britney Alone” video went viral, didn’t see Glenn Beck audibly laugh and call him crazy on live TV, and definitely wasn’t aware he shot a pilot for MTV in 2007 that was one misfired 9-11 joke away from being picked up.No, I like most who caught his tearful defense against an angry horde of Britney Spears haters thought the You Tube clip was funny, probably staged, and a complete attention grab.Tastemakers grabbed hold of Crocker like Spears years before and looked to commercialize him as a product with built-in name recognition.

All eyes were now on Chris—he knew it, exploited it, and ultimately got burned by it.

What the internet and You Tube did for Chris was finally allow him to shatter all remnants of the façade he no longer found necessary.

After attempting to create a gay/straight coalition at his Middle School in his refusal to hide who he was, the town began to fear for his safety.

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One wrong move is it all took for them to turn on him again, proving just how fickle and malicious humanity has become behind new, impersonal technologies.