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Arjun bijlani rati pandey dating

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Later, Gunjan, sensing a change in Samrat, believes that Samrat has heard her extensive confession, and through a series of unfortunate circumstances, neither communicates their feelings leading to an extension of their friendship, thus giving way to a misunderstanding about what the other feels about one.At this point, both sisters are hurting from relationship difficulties, thus immediately take leave from Excel for an upcoming family wedding in Morena.

During the brief time spent in jail, Samrat realizes his intense love for Gunjan because of others' remarks since that day.She also participated in a travel based reality show on Star Plus called Ritz Jee Le Ye Pal. The series ran for a little more than two years successfully covering two seasons before ending on 19 November 2010.Sheena finds Samrat attractive and Samrat initiates a serious relationship with her as he seems to be infatuated with her while Ranvijay attempts to take advantage of Dia, who soon gives in getting over her crush on Samrat unaware of his wrong intentions, much to Samrat's chagrin. Gunjan, on the other hand, consistently reiterates to Samrat, wanting the best for him, that Sheena, his girlfriend, will not allow their unique friendship to continue and to stay away from Ranvijay. The play progresses where Mayank dramatically confesses his love for Nupur on stage, starting their private relationship.At a subsequent party, Sheena, knowing Gunjan's feelings, shows her true colors by trying to accuse Gunjan of shoving her into the pool because of her unrequited love for Samrat, which ends disastrously, as Samrat is assured by Gunjan's eyes, a very special friend, that she was innocent.Mayank enters the Bhushan household posing as Nupur's childhood friend who has come to consider Nupur's hand while Samrat and Benji come as Dia and Uday's friends.

Between a series of events, Samrat finally expresses his love to Gunjan on the night of Dusshera.

Samrat disregards Sheena and chooses Gunjan over her and thus breaking up with her forever; however, Ranvijay, for revenge of the brawl, frames Samrat for drunk driving when leaving from that very venue.

The gang proves it otherwise, in court, and both Sheena and Ranvijay leave the plot.

After that, she played the lead role of Prarthna Thakraal in Zee TV's show Har Ghar Kuch Kehta Hai produced by Shreya Creations.

In 2008, she got the role of Nupur Bhushan in the show Miley Jab Hum Tum (jointly produced by Endemol and Sunshine Productions).

Nupur Bhushan was a bubbly girl who became popular with fans; when the producers wrote the character out of the show, the show's fans convinced them to let Nupur return in the show.