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Aura color dating

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With new change comes strength and courage, and not without some challenge, as all you mothers well know.

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"An aura is technically an electromagnetic field that surrounds the body," she explained to The Huffington Post.And my father founded two communes back in the '60s.It's been a part of my culture for a while, bringing me to this point where I want to do this stuff in a creative way and provide people an atmosphere to see what they're putting out into the world." Lonsdale's readings are typically five to 10 minutes long, consisting of both the snapshot itself and a condensed reading on the possible interpretations associated with your aura color.First, the subject places her hands on a silver sensor, which is connected through cables to the camera.The model sits still for 10 seconds as the camera snaps two shots.Either that, or they're each other's complete opposite.

Yes, Lonsdale's artistic investigation is not for skeptics, but for those willing to indulge in a little new age mysticism, it offers the opportunity to know yourself in a whole new way.

This is a physical and energetic color that is full of powerful sensations, and when you have low muddy red, that just means you probably have a hangover." Lonsdale explained that the constancy of an aura ranges from person to person -- some people are more fluid and dynamic depending on their surroundings, while others remain relatively stagnant.

She noted that earlier in the day a mother and her young daughter both emitted the same aura, which is also very constant between married couples.

For Lonsdale, the unusual path seemed to be in her blood.

"My mom is a visual painter who paints auras and spirits and goddesses she sees in her meditation.

The experience, somewhere between a psychic reading and a portrait sitting, allows you to examine yourself as not just a tired person with a bad hair day, but a truly radiant human.