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When last we met, Pro Publica had just launched a bunch of fun new features, of which this is allegedly one.

For the next column, I’ll discuss some of the tools that an investigative reporter uses to do a full deep dive. And, in response to last week’s column, an additional tip surfaced for a tactical way to get a response from someone via email.A zda-li se dá zjistit výpis oprav - výměn, kdy a jaké byly dělané ( olej, brzdy, filtry atd, ).Zda by sel zjistil stav km, opravy, bourany atd..proste vse co by se dalo o voze vycist.Congrats to Ethan Wolff-Mann, a reporter at Money, who did some serious Googling. In the meantime, send questions, ideas, and ribald insights to [email protected], or @txtianmiller. His path — birth records in Baltimore to browsing my high school to random websites — eventually led to a Document Cloud page of an article that I had purchased from Harvard Business Review. Not being a user, (happily together, same woman, almost 27 years), I figured that Tinder veterans would have the best advice.

So I set up an account and created a profile that identified me as a Pro Publica reporter looking for tips on how people background their matches.

A dále lze kupované auto prověřit podle VIN kódu v databázi odcizených vozidel a registrech leasingových společností.

Mám toto vozidlo koupit , líbí se mi, ale raději bych o něm něco věděl ???

V Pardubické Hondě mi to odmítli říct, že mám kontaktovat DE, když je odsud, ale tam mi nic taky sdělit nechtějí.

Dobrý den, prosím o prověření vozu Hyundai Santa Fe, r.v.

Usually, one or two circles will do the job.” Fun experiment!