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Bamyan in afghanistan predating european oil painting by some

This kind of violent intolerance fits in with the mindless, hind-brain driven actions common to religious fanatics everywhere, but developed to a particularly extreme degree by the contemptible thugs of the Taliban, members of which have set out on a campaign to destroy treasured artifacts of other cultures that don’t fit into their pin-headed view of what’s “correct”.

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The results of this investigation were just published in the on Tuesday, though they were presented at a scientific conference in Japan in January.Art historians date the earliest use of oils in Europe to about the 15th century.Scientists say the new findings place the Bamiyan paintings many hundreds of years earlier, giving the Bhuddha images the honor of being the earliest known oil paintings in the world.His English is effortless and his friendliness unfailing.And it’s fair to say he doesn’t shy away from a challenge.During winter, when the temperature drops far below zero and most hotels close because of frozen pipes, Bamiyan even boasts the country’s only ski slope (no lift or après ski just yet).

Ibrahim has condensed all of this into an effective sales pitch that he feeds me several times over the two days we spend together. Luring tourists from outside the country is a different matter entirely.

Although these oils had been in use previously in Rome and Egypt, they were used for medical and cosmetic applications, not art.

The cave oil paintings, depicting Buddhas with settings of palm leaves and mythical animals, date back to the middle of the 7th century, making them by far the oldest established examples of oil painting known.

Ibrahim can point to enough attractions in Bamiyan to put your average tourist trap to shame.

Yes, it is known for the two giant Buddha statues, blown up during the reign of the Taliban, but Bamiyan is also home to magnificent ruin cities, caves featuring some of the oldest oil paintings in the world, and Afghanistan’s first national park.

Ibrahim tiptoes around the wrestlers with a whistle around his neck to enforce fair play.