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In some cases this is done as a desperate gambit to force the rejected star into getting help for a booze or drugs problem. But if he or she gets his or her act together, it's not unheard of for a person like him or her to make a return appearance somewhere down the line.

He followed his passion of fantasy baseball and wrote for Rotoworld before starting his own fantasy blog Talented Mr that was purchased by ESPN in 2007.I started Razzball when I was laid off during the WGA strike and I know you’re also a screenwriter or were or whatever, so I just want to say thanks for paving the way for me to go from an underappreciated, society misfit to an underpaid, society misfit. Okay, brownnosing aside, I know how hard it is to do fantasy baseball rankings. But your rankings have a vibe of “What was good last year is a tasty nugget to covet this year.” Defend these three or quit your post at ESPN and move to Cape Horn. Given that your core strategies are read by many of the participants on the site, would you suggest I follow your strategy or move closer to the opposite since there will be more bargains (i.e., top closers go later)?MATTHEW BERRY: Cliff Lee developed a new pitch last year so I don’t think he’s necessarily in for a regression to ‘before last year.’ Hamilton stayed healthy and…he’s in Texas. MATTHEW BERRY: Well, I appreciate, as my pretend close friend, that everyone is going along with my strategy. Fantasy sports more than anything else is a place where everyone thinks they know more than everyone else. You want to prove you know more than everyone else. The Role-Ending Misdemeanor occurs when, due to objectionable behavior or even outright criminal misconduct in the personal life of a performer or creator (and despite the trope name, some of these role enders are straight-up felonies), he or she is fired in order to protect a project's reputation, or in the case of an independent performer or creator, forced to leave the public scene because of the damage to his or her image.This could be an isolated incident and the result of bad luck, or the latest string of being difficult because the rest of the cast and crew simply would not put up with him or her any longer.Or that perceived behind-the-scenes trouble is the excuse used and he or she is actually The Scapegoat for a more complicated problem.

See also Undermined by Reality, Actor Existence Limbo, Contractual Purity, and Creator Killer.

Contrast No Such Thing as Bad Publicity and Controversy-Proof Image.

Our interview subject is Matthew Berry – the Director of Fantasy Sports at ESPN.

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That type of information would really add some credence.