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Believer and non believer dating

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Each human life is “God made physical.” We are gods with skin.

The space existed before the house was built there.“What is important is that there is no single way in which life makes God physical.Some waves are small , barely a ripple, while other waves are huge, thunderous in their sweep.So our body is just an impermanent and perishable wrapping for the soul; The seven billion people on this planet are wrapped in different colors, shapes and sizes, but inside, each one has a piece of God, a spark of divinity or the soul. Some decorate and maintain their wrappings better than others, but at the end of the day, they are all wrappings.Death removes the wrappings, and the soul continues to live.The soul that we carry within each one of our bodies, is a “piece” of God.

That is what the Bible means when it says that we are created in the image and likeness of God.

But if more comes of the relationship I am definitely open to it.

Age: 38 Hi, My name is Melissa – I have a little time to do so I’m looking for someone to kick it with, just as friend.

The topic of death is front and center in my line of work as a hospice chaplain.

A corollary topic that immediately follows is the question of life after death.

It also implies that the body existed first and and the soul came later to inhabit the body.