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Can wait to see you again in new projects, hope it will happen soon. Btw u may lyk people for their good looks bt I lyk people for their good qualities. It shows courage and bravery to face suc a cruel world. Had she not gone into his apartment, she never would had anything to accuse him of! I have seen everything of his so far and I will continue to watch him... In this complex word, it's very difficult to seek true love and romantic couple like in the princess's man. Afterall what happened on his career, I will absolutely one of PSH fans. There are still many people who still believe and support you no matter what. He is a good actor and i'm sure he is a good person too. Then i am looking for all PSH's dramas and movie and watched all of them. I also love him in Family Honor, Cheongdamdong alice, Prosecutor princess, Queen OR, perfect neighbor. his mere presence on the screen shook me to where I stopped watching American TV. Park Si Hoo loves his country even after the ordeal, his human right being trampled, unjust humiliation, cruel and negative articles. I'm so sad, because he is hurt by the evil people, even now, and he cannot come back in Kdramas and Kmovies now. but Family's honor (glory of the family) and how to meet a perfect neighbour are also great. because this association doesnt let PSH back...fighting...shi hoo I hope korean people and korean entertaint companys don't block Park Shi Hoo's future. Sorry for my poor English but i need to support Park Shi Hoo Fighting, Don't give up. As you continue to heal, please remember that we are here, we aren't going away and we wait with open arms and loving hearts to see your beautiful smile and brilliant talent being shared with us once again. One thing I do not like about Korea, which is the obsession with cosmetic surgery -or beauty; which looks plastic. He is not only an excellent actor but humble and a great person. you're really a great actor, so cool and also HOT.... I've watched the work from other Korean actors, no one act as good as you. There hasn't been such a presence on tv for long time, since Clark gable in gone with the wind, or Gregory peck in Rome holiday..really are one of a kind. I have never seen PSH before this movie but starting with this I become a big fan of him. PSH is definitely a star sho deserves much more recognition than he is getting now. you very handsome, nice, perfect actor and interesting.. The actors very very nice, Perfect,amazing acted but too less have time for romantic love. anyway We really love this drama, The best ,diffrent , Super sad beautiful love story. THIS DRAMA IS VERY NICE.( Revenge & Relief ) Of Episode 8 to 15 we have to Cry.......beautiful love story. Thanks too much PSH and MCW for a best acted in This series.

You should be in a romantic comedy with Gong Hyo Jin! He will be the lead actor in upcoming OCN drama titled "Neighborhood's Hero" (more at Congratulations Park Si Hoo and welcome back where you belong as great actor and Hallyu Star. How does a young man convince a viewer that he is hopelessly in love with an older woman who is a divorcee, not a beauty (actually homely looking) with a five year old child --- he does and with such good acting that you forget the underlying flawed premise. Didn't realize he was the actor in Princess Man - one of my favorites as well. Your international fans love you, have respect for you always and forever! We are still very enthusiast to wait you newest Drama in 2013. Fighting Si Hoo GBU I saw Him In, "The Princess Man", and now watching, Cheongdomdong Alice, I so am loving his acting... Please, feel loved..way, I hope that you would feel blessed too, despite all odds. , either the accusation is true or not, I still Love park shi hoo, lets just PRAY and support him, sighhh.. Looking forward to seeing you receive many awards for "Cheondamdong Alice" with a standing ovation. There are no words to describe what youre going trough now. Seeing you on my wall screen makes me scream, sayin' i love you oppa, saranghaeyo and gumawoyo for being there. On his drama The Perfect Neighbor, i noticed that he is quite stiff and he has a difficulty in shedding tears. He might have a smaller fanbase compared to actors like Lee Min Ho, Lee Jun Ki, etc, yet his fans are solid and very loyal to him. Really this drama is super Nr.1 I hope that they visit USA. I really love their chemistry in Queen of Reversal. I also feel bless when I feel happy watching you in all roles.. my whole drama group roots for you with a return of great success... with long hair and black robes in The Princess Man. Thanks for all your performances xx daebak.......i like your drama prosecutor princess but princess dr4ma is totally owesome.every night i will see this drama...all family like hoo and se-ryung..cuaiyo..i hope drama like this will always appear in television...i like like like drama kbs...sarange all of actors in drama princess man... I watched The Princess' Man and Cheongdamdong Alice, I super and seriously love it! So far in korean drama I have watched, The Princess' Man is my #1 favorite. I love the story line especially Park Si-Hoo and Lee Se-Ryung are the best that make me love the drama!!! But know that there are many people who love you and trust you, and really waiting for your return. you can overcome this hard time and rise again stronger and greater, believe in your self we believe in you. wish u all the best and hope to see you love you- all your fans from Israel. I miss him so much :'( Park Si-Hoo ssi, be strong!! *much love from Indonesia* "Truly one learns only by sorrow; it is a terrible education that the soul gets and it requires a terrible grief that shakes the very foundation of one's being to bring the soul into its own ..." Park Shi Ho ... Focus on good and shine brighter than you ever have and as you do so, you help each one of us in our own sorrows. a vibrant magnificent soul, you are meant to triumph for yourself and for us all. Just ignore the bad people talking bad rumors about you and be happy. Park Si Hoo is nominated for Best New Actor award at Grand Bell (Daejong) Film Festival, for his first movie COM. His fans know he is the best and he deserves to win this award. He is capable of making SO many different expressions. We need his acting; he enrich every kdrama with his presence and talent. I..n..g Park Si Hoo, your fans all over the world are thinking of you and praying for you under the same beautiful moon. With love frm Indonesia I miss you and waiting for you to come back.... If I knew that you were in California I would come visit you already.... For those narrow minded people, ever heard of justice system called "innocent until proven guilty"? Maybe because he can't sing, he's less famous than the ugly actor singer like EM. Oppa I just watching you drama, the princess' man I'm falling in love with that drama You play the role with so great You look so good with Moon Chae Won Hope you will be more success in the future Oppa Fighting... i believe many PSH fans are attracted to him because his acting skills and good look. Happy New Year You are a best ,great artist and very attractive man. We love you so much every day more and more ....... I hope that KBS will make another korean drama for Park Shi Hoo and Kim Nam Joo. Park Si-Hoo if you are reading this know that your true fans will walk side by side with you as Jesus will walk side by side with you. I love your acting and you are so handsome with a cute smile :) We miss you, please come back!!!!! So talented and so beautiful, just painful for you. we miss you already too telented, chrarming please come back and sow everyone how strong you really are. Always remember that your many major fans are cheering for you. He showed everybody what he is capable of in " The Princess' Man" - such a great, talented actor! The so called "scandal" turns out to be nothing but a big, fat lie ! There are people around the world waiting for him to be on air. I hope that we will have more shows with the same genre as well as receiving more awards for his outstanding performance:-) Great, great news!!! I hope that very soon he will be back on track to enjoy us with his great performances. Why the boring actor like LMH and JGS are more popular than PSH? MCW is really beautiful,smart,cheerful and popular. Always wait for their appearance together in new drama (in real life .... I love all of his dramas, his acting is really touch my heart.. He always want to do his best on screen, he's really hard-working actor again again again.. :) PSH Please come back to our screens stronger than before and more often! whether it was mistake or accusation,has been need fresh start with new sight and move forward.please attention to new roles and come support you Hey1 you guys from korea's entertainement world you better bring back our boy Park si hoo!!!!! Park si hoo is such a talented actor, I am hooked on Korean soap opera because of him. Why do Koreans persecute and punish some of their most well known celebrities as Si Hoo? Dear PSH..are the one who deeply touched my heart..u are really amazing and past and hope u have get recovered and waiting for see u on screen (K-series) soon.. Wishing you happiness, good health and success in the coming year! Park Si Hoo your acting convey emotions and touching hearts! haaaaha, park shi hooo, i miss youuu, come back to the entertain world pleaseee, we love you, i like ur acting in prosecutor princess an chomdangdong alice, ur smile makes me smile tooooo, omo omo omoooo, oppaaa we will still be your fans, Really can't wait to see any upcoming drama tht in the furure he may be in. ='( 1 of the best actors i have ever good looking. Don't give up, and don't let the past hold you back by any means. Keep on fighting and whatever happen don't lose that beautiful smile of yours because it brighten the days of some people. Si Hoo ssi you are a very special person to inspire so much love from people all over the world. When I heard about your case it make me cry a lot I can't stop... Stay healthy and strong and always smile to us your big fan in Wisconsin, USA... Have you guys noticed how Park Shi Hoo is always doing revenge dramas? I have seen many popular actors in kdramas, but truly, even the most popular actors cannot act as good. PSH is so good at his craft that it makes me feel every emotion Kim Seung Yoo felt. Thanks of All Actors , Dir: Kim Jeong-Min, Wri: Jo Jung-Joo and Network: KBS 2. Please KBS make another one for sure it will be a big hit! you are such great actor,dont lose yourself.cheer up in every bodyًٌs life there are bitter&difficult should be strong to face them. Why is it so hard for Koreans to FORGIVE other people? Park Si-Hoo, it's about time you got busy and start acting again, it's what great actors should do. We miss you so much :) You give great angst, makes my insides flip... May God Bless & Guide You In Your New Projects In 2014! With love from Israel oppaaaaa, bogushipu *am i right? we gonna miss u again now KBS2 airing "The Princess' Man" again! He is the Best romantic leading man in Korea of this time. He has something that makes you addicted to the story and to him of course. Park Si Hoo you are so beloved and supported worldwide actor! Park Si-Hoo, You're a great actor and seem like such a great person. Don't ever gives up because the world never gives up on you. "Do not give up from any problem and from everything that happens in your life, just remember God hands always hold, in every step that you made in your life...." Oppa...~fighting~ See you in jakarta... May you and your family be happy and healthy all the time! We always be your side no matter what you do and always support you.... He was not even charged yet people already jumped to conclusion. PSH would not have to live through this much if he was in Hollywood. If you have seen his recent drama, you definitely won't say his acting skill is so-so. Thanks of KBS2 and all In my next life, I want to marry Kim Seung Yoo of The Princess Man because of Park Shi Hoo. God Drama The Princess, Man is a very exciting,amazing and beautiful for viewers. Just finished watching The Princess Man, it was amazing. Koreans are unforgiving people, without compassion and kindness. I hope they never to be treated how they treated him - with malice and cruelty, with judgment and condemnation, without giving him presumption of innocence, without mercy, without love and forgiveness. Love, Mercy, Forgiveness, and Compassion will eliminate a large amount of guilt, depression and suicides that is plaguing Korea. It's such an awesomely beautiful drama with its scenery, and beautiful actors. I saw, you have done your duty well, I mean, you have performed very well. I had also came upon the news that struck his career. I hope you will come bake with glory and better acting skill as ever ! Hi park si hoo...i have been watching your series recently and you're really a good actor...i'm almost done watching your series and continuously hoping that you're gonna do more series...hopefully soon as I can't wait to watch them already...i really admired you and all the roles you have see you soon on screens and dramas...;) iam sure its hard for u to come back.people can be really cruel when it comes to there is people waiting for u all around the world not just Asia but North every thing happening around here i didnt loose hope and i hope you wont it will be a shame if u from Tunis i tell u keep fighting and like i always say it doesnt matter how much the winter is cold there is always spring after it ok champ. I hope people will understand that actor like him is also human being who have career that should be separated from personal life. :) Park Si Hoo, you are a very talented and charismatic actor. It would be a big waste of talent if he would just easily give-up. Is there any way that you can be sure that your 'oppa' didn't do such a heinous act? What really makes me embarrassed to be a member of the female sex, is when I see comments like 'Whether guilty or innocent, we will always love and support you' What kind of idiot writes something like this? Park Si-Hoo, please stay healthy and wait for the day when you and I meet and embrace each other in our arms. Prosecutor Princess is the best drama i've ever watched . I am surprised to see people from all over the world love to watch your dramas. Just letting you know I am your fan from Australia and watched Qo R in January this year. Hi, DRAMA TPM is NR.1 in 2011 abest exciting,diffrent,amazing and beautiful love. you are a perfect model of an actor and you're very very!

Honestly, he is not the most good looking guy, but he has charisma, which makes him a superstar. He's a great Ambassador for Korea and they treat him so bad. Why must the Korean country act in the manner as Americans by ganging up on one person which the USA did to Michael Jackson just before he was killed? I watched it about six months ago, but I've returned to view it again. I could say that this is his greatest asset which absolutely complimented his good look. I can't believe that all those stupid people didn't let you to play in "Golden Cross" I'm sure many people missed your beautiful prformance. Just remember, you have so much potential and you have worked hard to get where you are today, so please don't give up. I will always pray for your guidance and be strong always. Despite his so-called scandal, would still Love to see more of Park Si Hoo. Yes, he may still have raped this woman -were you there? PSH is really a hard working actor who gives his fans 100% of his effort and there are numerious awards to prove that. I would love to see him in more dramas and I hope that one day I can hold him in my arms and kiss his soft lips. I love his acting in Prosecutor Princess , He and Kim So Yeon is really the best couple made . That man is unbelievably talented, handsome and HOT!

Your wishes came true, literally, because Park Si Hoo's comeback in k-ent is now sure thing. You are a great artist and your roles are memorable and you are a good and special person. We are very sure that the strom will pass together with the time. We are poor people like you but our love is stronger than anithing else, because love itself is the most powerful thing in this crazy world. With all the love in the world fans from Israel omo! Si Hoo, Right now, stay close to those you trust and love you. Eat well and know that God is carrying you gently in His hands through this ordeal. You are loved so very, very much by so many people. I will take exam for Korea so i can work there and i want to see you even from a distance. His skills is better than Park Ming Ho and a host of others.... Keep up the good work and i look forward to more dramas. I'm impressed to see the development on his acting.

the best and the most handsome man to see in Joseon time I read such beautiful comments here and all of you express your wishes to see Park Si Hoo back in k-drama. See all of your fans around the world very believe in you. We your international fans, never leave you no matter what. We send you a big hug stay strong we believe in you and love you and hope to see you soon on the screen. Thank you for the wonderful entertainment that you bring to us. My Dream Man,.i hope to see you for new project, God Bless. he's very handsome and has a very attractive smile, however, i paid attention to his skills and wondered why he's not acting in more dramas. from Atlanta, GA (United States) i've watched his dramas The Perfect Neighbor, Iljimae, Prosecutor Princess, and The Princess' Man.

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I wish him cast still many good dramas, on which already looking I forward to. He is a good actor, has good personality but should not show his emotional side. being the leads of the drama it will be interesting if you ve kissed yuri. I like the episodes when he acted cool in dark warrior suit with long hair and didn't smile at all. FIGHTINGGGGGGGGGGGGGG (Kahina Soledad from Algeria) Hope Si Hoo able to read all what we have wrote down here... Now is the hardest time in your life and we feel that we love you more and more, we want to comfort you if we can. In my country are said: There are much hope in despair. Park Si-Hoo All your fans in Israel believe you are 100% innocent. At first I didn't like some of Korean novellas but when I have watch The Princess's Man I just loved it! Many roumanians are waiting for "Confession of murder". You are so adorable and funny in Cheongdamdong Alice. Lo L, your character in cheongdamdong Alice really" makes me crazy. :) i put you on my phone for wall paper,i wish to see you every time and everywhere , so i did.