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To make it easier for you I have greatly reduced my cost of living in the past year.

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In the Preface to his 1993 pamphlet, Taking Care of Business, Richard Grossman wrote: "Corporations cause harm every day. How can they dictate what we produce, how we work, what we eat, drink and breathe?His lasting legacy are the Democracy Schools that continue to be taught across the country, and a pamphlet: Taking Care of Business describes the process of de-chartering corporations.Two important projects that Richard Grossman initiated in the last months of his life do not receive enough notice in the obituaries about his work: Upstate New York, where he lived in a small town, is in the cross hairs of natural gas exploration and hydrofracking.However in late 2016 the measurements at Mauna Loa, Hawaii, went over 400 ppm for the first time in modern history.(And on March 9, 2017 the reading was 405 ppm)When a visionary scientist, Charles Keeling, began daily readings for CO2 concentration from Mauna Loa in 1958, the concentrations were only 318 ppm. Hundreds of weather stations around the world are now recoding CO2 concentrations and they all show the same accelerating trend - going up.TUC Radio is a regular weekly program on over 60 radio stations and can be heard in many rural communities as well as in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Chicago, Seattle, Cleveland, Houston, Taos, Buffalo, Philadelphia, Vancouver and many other cities - as far as Cape Town, South Africa and into North Africa via Milano, Italy.

TUC Radio does not accept funding from government agencies or corporations.

Several Obituaries refer to that Act by name without offering a link to the text. The second segment begins with an intriguing archival speech on the history of corporations that TUC Radio recorded in Washington DC.

It seems as if those who want to remember Richard shy away from presenting his most radical proposal. at the 1996 Teach-In organized by the International Forum on Globalization.

Now, in March 2016, I have just a little over $900 in the bank and in twenty years my balance has never been higher than $7,200.

Nevertheless in 24 years I have not missed a single program.

And he believed that it's time to remember that fight and assert sovereignty of the people over the corporate state and ask: Why should the many be governed by the few?