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Bi sex films

Bi sex films-69

Picking up the title of Charles Dickens’s classic novel about Paris during the French revolution, this is actually a historical anthology piece, including tales about princes, princesses and giants. Our only bone of contention with the title is that there are far more than two titties on offer here.While this might have less than nothing to do with Ian Fleming’s children’s film, it’s a marvellous use of a parody title.

There, they found orgiastic sex, bondage, gays and gigolos, lesbianism, drugs, a bizarre record promoter and murder.A middle aged man dreams about having sex with his daughter’s friend, his daughter has a relationship with the neighbor’s son and his wife has sex with the King of Real Estate; with its tale of randy suburbia, American Beauty was ripe for a porno makeover.And so it did come to pass with this tricky number, which simplifies matters by having some grad school studs move into Monique and Midori’s flat.To the point, we say, and cut out all that crap about bags floating in the wind.Just like the Tom Cruise film of the very similar name, the Missionary Position Impossible movie became a franchise, and just like Cruise and co, the cast of MPI would do extraordinarily dangerous (and yet cavalier) things like lighting dynamite at hip height. Emphasising the point Twinklight does the obvious and crosses Twilight with twinks – the younger, slenderer, more hairless gay man-about-town, for those not in the know. As the film’s tagline asks: “What is life if lived alone?And if you think like the makers of Penishands did, you’ll probably find that hilarious.

Spawning a sequel, we can only imagine that this one did better than the Johhny Depp original.

What’s more, hailing from 1984, this is genuine vintage material.

Once upon a time, someone magnified a platform heroine’s boobs by ten times and thereby created a computer gaming sensation.

While this has almost zip to do with the film it’s playing on, it’s a great use of a great title. Mulder and Scully spent a long, long time pondering their will-they-won’t-they relationship (complete with abductions and miraculous pregnancies).

In the surprisingly straight faced Sex Files they definitely, definitely will.

We assume that in this caper Indy is rather more fond of the trouser snake than was previously thought.