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Weekly updates about all the pop culture, race & politics, Bougie Black People™ shit, and other grand tomfoolery we cover here on VSB. Plus early heads up about new tees, new contributors, and our events.

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Mental Health America works nationally and locally to raise awareness about mental health. Or you can connect to our system via the Namecheap API and sell our products directly from your own site.Add value to your product line by reselling any product Namecheap offers.If both were breached, they reasoned, the site was storing passwords in plain text.The source code for Tripwire is published at Git Hub, with a caveat that you shouldn't try this at home.The latest The most glaring inaccuracies have to do with white homicide victims.

Trump cast blacks as the primary killers of whites, but the exact opposite is true. Killings by police We also looked at what percentage of each race the police have killed. Justice Department’s show 414 whites killed, compared to 223 blacks, as of Nov. Trump’s tweet said police were responsible for 3 percent of all white homicides and 1 percent of all black homicides.

Moreover, he said, the research showed that “size doesn't matter” – popular sites are just as likely to suffer breaches as obscure outfits, and as the university's announcement noted, the a 1/100 hack rate means “out of the top-1000 most visited sites on the Internet, ten are likely to be hacked every year.” The research was carried out using a tool De Blasio created called Tripwire: a bot that registers and created accounts on more than 2,000 sites.

Tripwire created a unique e-mail address for each account and by following the bad practice of password re-use made it simple to discover if a third party used the password to access the account.

The crowd surges to greet Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump after he speaks Saturday, Nov. A black activist was roughed up after he interrupted Trump at the rally.

(AP) The image cites the "Crime Statistics Bureau - San Francisco" Here is the image: None of the numbers are supported by official sources.

By overwhelming percentages, whites tend to kill other whites. The official tally of deaths at the hands of law enforcement officers is well known to be incomplete. If that were true, then applying those percentages to the FBI report of all homicides in 2014, 91 whites would have died at the hands of police and 25 blacks. In contrast, the data show slightly less than two white deaths for each black death.