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Blucas dating marc

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And he whispered, "It's OK." What made the show so ahead of its time? Joss' voice was a big part to the success of the show. Within three weeks of the show there was a That shows how quickly it went into the zeitgeist. When you listen to Prince you have no idea what decade it's from. People have said there have been derivatives of Carpenter: We balanced special effects, fighting, drama, comedy all in one show. That really hasn't been done, memorably, since. Over the years, Buffy’s world went from one of good and evil where everything was black and white, to one that became much more about the grays in between.

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Strong: I had one line in the unaired presentation!How did the show change the portrayal of women on television?Trachtenberg: It showed that women can kick some f—ing ass!After deparing the series, Blucas starred in We Were Soldiers alongside Mel Gibson and First Daughter with Katie Holmes.In 2007, Blucas landed leading roles in both Thr3e and The Killing Floor.Blucas was born in Pennsylvania to parents, Mary Catherine and Walter Joseph Blucas.

He became the star player on the Girard High School basketball team.

Below, the stars and writers open up about the lessons they learned from the series, why it is still so beloved, how it altered the television landscape and crazy fan interactions and why there shouldn't be a reboot. " Fury: We very much felt like we were kids making our show.

Looking back at the show, did you think people would hold it in such high regard 20 years later? Head: I remember the first time when we were doing the first half-hour presentation — because they wouldn't give us enough money to do a full pilot!

He also played at Wake Forest University, graduating in 1994.

After failing to make it into the NBA, Blucas moved to England, continuing to play basketball with British Basketball League's Manchester Giants for a year.

I was horrifically bullied from the day I entered school to the day I graduated. It was the first time that a show didn't patronize the teenage process.