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i sat at the counter ,which is usually the fastest way to be served. after listening to a couple of waitresses gab and gab for about ten minutes,i asked them if the place was open,,,,,, they ignored me..

Reply Hello, I am a former employee and I’ve tried calling multiple times to get information on how to get my 401k.we stopped her and asked her to fill the cup that was on the table for us, she did very happily and went back and brought us creamer. continuing on, we seen the manager and told her about the orange juice and she said the machine must be out and took our glasses. Anyway I give this place a 1 star only because I can’t give Zero.It does look like a nice place to visit being the Original Bob Evens Farms Farm, but we was hungry so we went on our way, from a restaurant HUNGRY, First time I have ever done that.It goes as far to say they keep the tip to make more off it.What the article says is if you eat at Bob Evans to only leave cash tips.Now I do not want anything from this note, they did give us $4 off for the steak, I think they should have given us both free meals and maybe coupons to come back a differant time.

Maybe because we did not cause a scene or make a hugh deal out of it they thought it was ok.

i said no..about 5 minutes later Gema brought me a menue..i ordered the rise and shine. We are regular customers when we travel and at home in Fort Myers.

i guess i was being punished, as my wait for my rise and shine was 15 meal was good as always, but i did noy appreciate the lousy service. So I am well acquainted with your service and places.

I have to say On last Sunday with guests that I told how great your restaurant was, we were totally embarrassed by not just on thing but by many.

First off cracked cup not too bad that happens after it was refilled and my husband drank half he found something in the cup. we usually wait not long for meal well sunday we waited at 35 min, when the food finally came nothinng was right , my steak was well done sent it back came back raw by that time my eggs were cold because the muffin I ordered was not toasted so that went back.

I order food from Bob Evans all of the time I love the food and the atmosphere. I hope I can over come my feelings about the customer service I recieved because right know I not feeling like I should not return, that 22.50 took me two hours of my life to earn!!