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Buti girls sex

Hi I'm 13 and since I was 11 iv wanted to be a guy....

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yesterday only i typed my desire in google i show me many of examples regarding my desire.I know what it's like to buy male clothes and hang out with the guys because I feel more accepted and comfortable.What helped me, what took away my depression, confusion and pain was one man that said "I have loved you with an everlasting love".for anyone who has been wondering of wot to do next see ur doc or speak to ur mum and dad or who ever looks after u. I am a tomboy and when shoping i do tend to stare more at the boys clothes and think, I want my life as a boy.ive already started painting my nails and growing mi hair long like a girl im also shaving all the male hair off mi body and it makes me feel good ive tried on girls clouthes and im gunna save up to get them my next step of becoming a women is to get make up id like some advice form real girls no offence boys but i feel girls av better knolege of make up and dress sense but plz email me on [email protected] and ill b happi to respond.please if u desire use ur name u wanna b called and ill call u thtmuch love and good luck Kayla xx HEY IM A GIRL IM 17 BUT I FEEL AS THO IM STUCK IN THE RONG BODY I DRESS JUST LIKE A MAN I FEEL AS THO I AM SOMTIMES UNTIL I LOOK AT MY SELF AND SEE I AINT I WANT TO BE ABLE TO MAKE BABYS NOT GIVE BIRTH TO THEM BUT I HAVE BEN CONFUSED IF I DO GET A SEX CHANGE WILL I BEABLE TO CREATE A BABY my cousin was a female and she wanted to be male, apparently he has had a sex change and can get an erection and produce sperm. Im a girl(age 15), But honestly i want to be a guy. But i really dont know much and how much it will cost.To all of the boys who want to be girls, and the girls that want to be boys: My heart aches for you.

It pains me to see your confusion and struggle in a world that doesn't quite understand you.

God made you the way you are' But at that all i think is 'Yes God made you the way you are, He set you a path in life and he created you but have you ever thought god may of made you Transexual?

' (Thats my belief sorry if you dissagree) , I just wanted to comment my true feelings...

With abs and everything cuz there is this girl who is 18 and i really love her... I have stuggled for many years being a woman trapped in a mans body.

I can't keep lyin too her so i was wondering how much it would cost too get a full body sex chage from a female to a male Before you think you need a sex change, at least wait for puberty to end. My hole life i have been made fun of by friends and family because of this dissorber. Over the years i have found out that you are better to be yourself and not allow what other people think of you control who you truely are. everytime i see myself in the mirror i would always picture myself in a guy's body. i have been fighting with everyone i know because i don't hide the fact that i hate to physically be a chick but be a guy in everyother aspect. i've dressed like a guy now for 8 years and no matter what people think or say i will continue to act and dress however is comfortable to me.

During your teens you will have mood swings and these may make you think something that isn't exactly what you want, is the right move. We dont ask to be this way and we dont do it to imbarris anyone. i am very scared to go through it but i know it's worth it. and i AM getting the operation as soon as i get enough money to do so. The desire began to being a female when i was 13 years old i was interested to accompant with females and i use to prefer their likes and dislikes.