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Carbon 14 dating machine

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The wonderful Bob Hufford Schwinn Lightweight Data Book Site has many more Schwinn catalogs.I like the 1974 and earlier catalogs where they took photos on location. See, for example 1974 Paramount and 1973 Paramount.

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BMX bikes are used for dirt racing, jumps and tricks.Univega was headquartered in the United States with bicycles made in Italy and then Japan.Finally, no matter where a company is headquartered, the majority of bikes today are made in China.Even more than with adult bikes, sometimes the looks and style of kids bikes take a back seat to functional design.Kids bikes use to often have 24 inch diameter wheels.(See Campagnolo History.) The head tube lugs are chromed, which was apparently an extra option.

Racers did not use chromed lugs since they added weight, but they give the bike an eloquent touch.

The seat tube height is 22 inches and seems to fit me well. I had to replace the front tire and tube and adjust the handle bars and seat.

I gave it a good cleaning and sprayed Tri-Flow lubricant on the chain and other external moving parts.

The rest have been acquired used, primarily at garage sales.

Bike technology, of course, changes, but nowhere near as fast as computer technology.

Bicycles are wonderfully simple, eloquent and efficient machines.