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From what I've read, if people do that, the body shuts down and holds onto its fluids and you end up with more fluid than otherwise.

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Having to carry around a bulky mattress protector is an absolute pain but I dare not sleep without one. I'm okay during the day...when I'm sleeping Posted by Optional on 25/11/2017 at I'm 20 years old and every month or so I wet the bed. I tried not drinking much, i'm not wearing pull ups as it's not every night and would be super uncomfy.I grew up in an abusive home and due to anxiety and fear, potty training was never well mastered and I never achieved night control.At 29, I still have to wear pull-ups or wake up in soaked pajamas.I wear protective underwear to bed, and this has really helped me stay dry. Posted by biola on 20/06/2017 at I've been bedwetting consistently since my 10th birthday.Posted by Optional on 27/06/2017 at to biola on 20/06/2017 at : Probably the first thing you should do is see a doctor about this. I'm already in college and I'm always scared of going out with my friends so that I won't pee on myself. Any suggestions or help would be much appreciated Posted by Thomas on 31/05/2017 at to Optional on 30/05/2017: Who knows why you continue to bw, but you might try this method. If it doesn't, you can scratch that off on things you tried.I wet my pants still sometimes because I have a fear of the bathroom.

It's a little better now but I still have alot of accidents.

The problem goes away when the diabetes is treated.

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I want it to stop but I just can't seem to get rid of the problem. Posted by Megan on 25/07/2017 at I'm 18, and for most of my life I've been bed wetting.

This has improved significantly in my teenage years but for the past couple months or so it seems that everytime I lay a new bedsheet on my bed (usually after a wash or something) I end up bed wetting in a few days.

Now this problem doesn't happen when I'm in hotels or out overnight for a few days but I'm heading to college soon and I'll be dorming for a lot longer than a few days so I'm worried. Posted by roger on 19/07/2017 at I am 32 and still wet my bed about 3 times every month.