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He told her that he already had clients lined up for her, and that she should start working the next day. Casting gent: Mayoor Mayoor, who is also an assistant director, said that he recommends new girls and boys whenever they approach him for work.


The reporter introduced herself as Neha Sharma from Gwalior.Then, in the second audition, if I know the director, I will push, and tell him that you are suitable for the role.Finally, if the director is agreeable, he will help you clear the last audition.” When asked about compromises one should expect, he said, “I am not saying it doesn’t happen. If you are willing to do it, then nobody is going to stop you, because you are a mature person. I have met girls who were ready for it, and I told them that they could go ahead and try their luck.Acting will also happen later.” That night he called up the reporter and asked her if she was free the next day, as he had already spoken to some clients and they wanted to see her pictures.The reporter met him again the following day at a coffee shop in Andheri.Incidentally, the first person, Piyush, whom one of the reporters contacted, had the latter’s number stored in his phone, identifying her as a journalist working with this paper. Casting agent: Vijay Rawal After a conversation over the phone, Vijay Rawal agreed to meet around 3 pm at Bhaidas Hall, Vile Parle.

Rawal is considered to be a popular coordinator among aspiring TV actors.

By this time, he had clearly forgotten about the matter of film offers, and was only concentrating on telling the reporter how she should be servicing his clients.

When the reporter asked about the kind of money one can make through these ‘compromises’, he said it ranged from Rs 15,000 to Rs 40,000.

He quickly added that he charges 15 per cent commission, but with her he could make an exception, if she let him ‘enjoy’ her.

When the reporter insisted on information about acting offers, his parting shot was, “We get clients regularly, so don’t worry, we will make enough money.

The first thing that Vijay told her was, “You do know that if you want to get into acting, you will have to make compromises.