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Hablator is an advanced chat solution written in Java Script and PHP.

Additionally, it allows to initiate one-on-one chat with an on-line user.For example, you can enable chat users to contribute to two chat rooms at the same time.This topic lists all web parts that accommodate the different chat functions on the live site.Displays the messages posted to the current chat room. Displays notifications about various events, such as receiving an invitation to a room.Displays warnings and errors that may occur while chatting.Allows to find a particular user among the users currently on-line.

Displays the list of users who joined a particular chat room along with their on-line state.

Allows support personnel to start chatting with the visitor who is viewing the page with this web part.

Allows to define a message, with which it will automatically address the visitor who is viewing the page with this web part.

All chat web parts share a common property - Group name.

This property allows you to have multiple instances of the same web part in one chat implementation, with each of the instances acting on its own.

Other web parts in this topic can be placed either all together on a single page, or separately on multiple pages while the web parts ensure redirection between the pages. When logged in, displays the login status, a link to change nickname and the Leave button.