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Comcast tv guide not updating

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Once you enter in your zip code and choose your channel offerings, you are presented with an interactive, searchable TV guide.

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Services may be affected if the power is still out in areas nearby.We have almost 50% of our deployed set tops running on our X1 platform and we are adding about 40,000 more boxes every day on the X1 platform.” Comcast, the post added, plans to implement “a simpler and more surgically deployed guide release for A31 legacy set tops” to address some issues on that guide, but noted that those changes likely won’t come out until early 2017.“We will certainly continue to support our legacy platform for some time,” the post read, adding that most of the MSO’s energy and resources, with respect to the on-screen guide, is going toward X1.What we really appreciate is that you can restrict your channel listings to only stations in HD or only stations of a certain type. The app also allows you to browse the On-Demand listings available through the Xfinity TV service.This is nice because it's faster than using On-Demand's remote-based setup and provides the choice of watching programs directly on TV.The next question is: Will Comcast consider bringing live TV streaming, akin to what Verizon demoed this August, to the i Pad or other devices?

Oh and for Android fans — Comcast says it plans to bring the Xfinity TV app to the Android Market sometime next month.

Future updates will allow users to access content directly on the i Pad, much like the rebranded Xfinity TV service (formerly Fancast) that Comcast rolled out a few months ago.

You can also manage your DVR recordings from the app — although at this time, the i Pad version takes you to a web page where you can control your recordings and rearrange or reschedule shows.

Right now, the Xfinity TV app [i Tunes link] doesn't let you watch video content on your device, but Xfinity TV content will be coming to the i Pad next month.

We took some time to play around with the app and we're really impressed with what the Comcast team has accomplished.

It's not clear if any of those apps will support streaming video playback.