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Computer shut off while updating iphone

computer shut off while updating iphone-1

Just try the methods one by one until you have the problem solved. After the computer shuts down, if you can’t turn it right back on, there might be a power problem with the power supply. To fix the problem, you can try to update the motherboard drivers.

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We are sure that many people are experiencing this issue with updating i OS 9.3 this week.Check if fans are running If the fans stop working, the temperature will be higher than normal. If the fans are broken, you might need to replace it with a new one.You can download and install the new BIOS utility from PC manufacturer’s website. You can get the detailed steps on the manufacturer’s website.If you are not sure how to enter BIOS, google with key words “brand name enter bios” to find the steps.It’s recommended that you follow the steps in the manufacturer’s website.Here takes Lenovo for example: You can also use a free utility to view the temperature.

If you are not sure which utility is good to use, we recommend HWMonitor. If the temperature is high (over 60 degrees Celcius), you can do below two things to make a change about it.

If you have tried restarting your device and then updating and it did not work for you, Here are a few tips for you to consider: If the Update did not work for you, you can try to Restore it using i Tunes and then try to activate again.

We would recommend that you restart your i Phone or i Pad and try updating before attempting to Restore the device.

For these older devices, we have temporarily pulled back the update and will release an updated version of i OS 9.3 in the next few days that does not require this step.”Good news, Apple just released another update to their i OS 9.3, make 13E237, for older i Phone, i Pod touch, and i Pad that was affected by the annoying activation error.

There are two ways to proceed with this new firmware.

Just google with “brand name update bios” to find the instructions.