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Consolidating forums website

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That’s what we’re doing – only the light is replaced with organic traffic, and instead of being focused on a leaf it is being directed to a high-converting landing page.The idea is to take a bunch of poor to average ranking pages and use them to: Here’s how it works…

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The goal of this step is to produce one single page that is unbelievably awesome and useful for the readers.Any reasonable sized blog can probably find more than 2 or 3 overlapping articles on almost any topic.The net result is that your content generates organic traffic, much like the rays of the sun before they have been focused by the magnifying glass.Often this type of page ends up being quite long, so you might want to add a navigable index at the top to help readers find their way around.This can improve the user experience and is especially effective in list type articles, like this one that covers the top 10 new business ideas from University entrepreneurs: Once all the weaker pages have been cannibalized for their quality parts, you can get rid of them.Having five pages that rank on page 2 or 3 of the search results is far less valuable than having one page that appears on page one.

It is much better to dominate a single search term than to compete poorly across many.

Not only that, but with traffic trickling in across a range of pages you either have to add repetitive calls to action, add conversion elements to every page, or be inconsistent and have some posts optimized for conversions and others not.

Wouldn’t you rather get all of this traffic onto one top page and funnel it to a conversion from there? Identify pages that are performing well in Google search and add these to a big list of the pages you want to keep.

In other words, traffic arrives in small amounts across a large number of pages.

This is really bad from a search optimization perspective, and it’s even worse for conversions.

Some companies didn’t see the transitions coming, some executed the transitions badly. “If you buy 50,000 wafers a month you get a 10% discount,” said Rhines, “if you buy 100 wafers a month you get no discount.” So scale doesn’t give you much advantage in terms of wafer cost.