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Cpanel webalizer not updating

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Site Sell is a company that claims that their “proprietary” system called Site Build It (now called Solo Build It! I have used claims made by Ken Evoy, the owner of Solo Build It (also known as Site Sell and SBI!

It was called Addicted 2 Decor, and had a .address. Then I would return for a while, and disappear again.Even at the cost of $950, I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that it would be worth it in the end.(Keep in mind that if I had done it right from the beginning, and started on Word Press, I could have saved myself the and stress of moving my site, AND the additional $950 to move. sites look outdated (especially those built with SBI!So let’s get to the question at hand: In order to answer that question in a way that is rational, clear, and free of emotion or hype, we first need to start with a base line. For that, I went to Consumer Fraud Reporting and found this simple definition: In this case, if they use misleading advertising, use exaggerated claims, and use outright lies (all of which SBI does in the marketing pages of their website), then is it a stretch to call SBI a scam? There is so much information to cover here, and so many of their misleading marketing pages to evaluate, so as I stated above, this review will be very lengthy, and will include many supplemental pages.Most of you won’t care about all of these details, but it needs to be “out there” so that potential customers dreaming of financial freedom with an online business with Site Sell can know exactly what they’re getting into, and what to reasonably expect from that company’s product.So essentially, Site Build It wound up being nothing more than a website host for me, and a host with of irritating, cumbersome hoops I had to jump through just to get a single page uploaded.

I should also mention that the entire time I had my Site Sell website, I also kept blogging on Blogger. I was afraid Word Press would be too difficult to learn.

I write about stuff that is interesting to me, because I figure that if it’s interesting to me, then there are others who will find it interesting as well.

And I figured that if I did it well, with lots of interesting pictures, great tutorials, etc., then the quality of my site would be what draws people, would make people want to tell their friends and family, and would (hopefully) impress Google. All of these tools seemed like ways to manipulate search engines, and if you take a look at the pages of most SBI sites, you’ll see that they aren’t impressive to actual HUMANS at all.

I was excited about beginning my journey to financial freedom with my new online business.

As I went through the Action Guide (a several-part, step-by-step guide telling you how to build a successful online business), some of it interested me…other parts didn’t.

At the time, I really didn’t know much about blogging at all, but I knew I had a topic that I loved and wanted to share with people. After about a year, I was told about Site Sell, and was given a free site as a gift.