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She serves as the Quaternary antagonist of Season 4 and an anti-villain in Season 5. Linda is shown to be competent in her job at saving MCC money and is eager to climb the corporate ladder.

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At a party, the leader of her sorority, Meggan, is extremely drunk, and asks Linda to stand outside in the snow with her while she tries to pee.Cunt, referring to female genitalia, is one of the most taboo four-letter words in the English language.This is because it is considered offensive both by religious prudes and feminist prudes, which means very few people can safely say it without offending someone in their business or social circles.Linda eventually visits Litchfield for the first time in "Toast Can't Never Be Bread Again", to support Caputo as he makes his speech to news stations about the inmate death that occurred.She expresses mild annoyance when she spots bite marks on his ear, indicating possible unfaithfulness on his part. She hears the rioting inmates outside but shrugs it off.When giving her statement to police, Linda lies and does not reveal she was the last person to see Meggan alive. In "Tongue-Tied" she is mentioned briefly as 'Linda in Purchasing' by Caputo when he shows the kitchen staff the new pre-prepared food they have to serve the inmates.

Linda meets Caputo in an MCC meeting about what to do after the COs walked out.

After becoming trapped in a staff bathroom during the start of the riot, Piper and Alex find her after using the bathroom themselves.

She follows them incessantly, scared to be left alone.

She also reveals she overheard them talking about Alex's murder of Aydin Bayat, so they tell her to fabricate a backstory and put on inmate's clothing.

Linda drifts from several different protectors, initially ditching Piper and Alex for Maria before eventually settling for Big Boo, with whom she develops a sexual relationship.

In season four, she stuns Caputo by forcing Crystal Burset off Caputo's property at gunpoint, after Crystal attempts to get information on her wife Sophia's status in the SHU.