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Cupid plc online dating websites

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The Independent Review noted the recruitment of new senior UK staff and a realignment of responsibilities in early 2013 which has improved operational management.

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Cupid plc was the owner and operator of multiple high-volume online dating websites, covering the range from mainstream to niche audiences.Their role will be made clear to users within the Company's new guide to safe dating.There is a code of conduct for these advisors which will be strictly monitored.Cupid has always taken governance and technical controls seriously, and as such has had in place a number of methods, such as the use of Scamalytics, to address these issues for some time.Current rates for detection and blocking are c.92% of scammers in the first eight hours.Scammers were identified as an area of concern, however it was noted that this is an industry-wide issue, particularly in the casual dating market.

The Independent Review stated that the Company expends significant effort and has implemented mature technical controls to combat scammers and control fraudulent activity on its sites.

The Independent Review took over two months to complete and included:supported the Board's statements that it is not the Group's practice to create 'fake profiles' to encourage customers to sign up.

Nevertheless the Independent Review highlighted that Cupid staff operating on the sites were not clearly identified as such and that this could potentially lead to confusion in interactions with customers or subscribers.

In line with the Group's desire to improve customer experience and as part of the process of implementing the recommendations of the Independent Review, the Company is introducing a number of changes.

These include: The formation of a team of 'Dating Advisors' to replace the Motivation team, who will act purely as live help to users.

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