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Cydia updating sources stuck

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The apps are listed alphabetically, and offer a change log from the most recent update.

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Their firmware updates are absolute, and can’t be reverted as they are part of the larger system update.Whatever your needs, there’s no shortage of things to do in Cydia.The problem is usually sifting through all of the things that are either no useful to you specifically or things that don’t fit your device, especially if you have an i Pad.You’ve taken the plunge, watched as your screen flickered and your phone or tablet rebooted again and again.Now that you’re officially jailbroken, there’s a new icon on your screen.Head to the Manage button in Cydia, and you’ll see an option labeled Sources.

Tap the Edit button in Sources and you’ll be able to add whatever you like to your Cydia app.

x Sellize offers support for both users and developers looking to either host products or gain support for everything from repo issues to malfunctioning apps.

The site even offers step by step instructions for installing x Sellize in Cydia, both in images and a video. There are plenty of fun apps to choose from, as well as some themes and tools to mod the homescreen and lockscreen.

If you’re interested in a good place to start, here’s five of our favorites.

Have you ever gone from one version of i OS to another and noticed that, all of a sudden, your phone call quality and general cell reception seems just a little off?

Maybe you’re looking for new ways to personalize your i Device, or are interested in apps that disagree with Apple’s strict guidelines for using hardware you have purchased.