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Daisy de la hoya dating tommy lee

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The report claims that she’s featured as one of the girls flashing their breasts for the camera—which plays at the beginning of Mötley Crüe’s current concert tour.

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The racer back bralet is in black and white too which is super flattering and if you're keen to copy Cara, click right to snap up her bra now at very Exclusive.How hard up for gossip is this so-called blogosphere when we are forced to bend the truth so far?Can pro athletes and porn stars not intermingle in a little platonic dry-humping?The former Rock of Love reject had to get herself into the news somehow.Rock of Love 2 hottie Daisy De La Hoya may have landed herself another rock star.The blonde reality TV vixen has been spotted before with rock and roll star and Carmen Electra ex Dave Navarro and now she might just be hooking up with Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee.

What will his on and off and on again ex-wife Pamela Anderson think?

If you want to look around for similar options first, check out the line up of alternatives below form the likes of Lonsdale, Ellesse and more.

Daisy De La Hoya must have been jealous that, earlier today, we published a story about other skanky women vying for the attention of Bret Michaels.

As the saying goes, if whatever you contract from Bret Michaels doesn’t kill you, it can only temporarily suppress future infections from other has-been rock stars. By refueling on a steady diet of blueberry waffles, paranoia, and taking whatever measures are necessary to retain his reputation for being a larger-than-life dick.

Almost some of us felt for Daisy De La Hoya when she was booted from season two of after coming so close to winning the sexual rights to Michaels for the rest of her rebellious days. But we forgot that the diminutive senorita and full-fledged VH1 soft-core porn alum is a strong, self-sustaining woman. The New York Post tells of the strife of an innocent New York waitress who saw Stipe at his best one fine night—and well into the next morning.

Besides, why would forward Scottie Upshall waste his time with a worn-out hack when he has a perfectly beautiful girlfriend who abides by moral law? That’s why we’d prefer to leave the explaining to NFL Juice, which has graciously offered to sort this one out.