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Dating a controlling woman

Protect yourself by saying no to things in the beginning that you don’t see a point in changing.

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That, amongst other things, chipped away at the confidence I once had in myself. Does he flip back and forth between being cold and sweet?I was sitting in my car when “Love the way you lie” came on the radio.I’d never heard it before, but every word felt like a razorblade tearing at the fibers of my heart.An abusive use of power or control in any relationship can happen from either party.Gender is not necessarily a vital role in controlling relationships.Are you miserable mostly, considering a break-up and then suddenly that amazing, loving guy is back making you believe that he’s still there somewhere? If he’s making you question your sanity like no one else ever has, this is a sign he’s controlling you without you even realizing it.

I used to believe that if I could stop fucking up and upsetting him, I’d get that guy back. I was paranoid like he was off cheating every time he left the house. You know that friend who is always complaining about what a douche her boyfriend is but when you suggest she break up with him, she switches gears?

Learning to discern between healthy and unhealthy relationships is not something that is covered in any class throughout high school or college, and by the time many of us are full swing into our most serious relationships, it can be almost impossible to determine where we stand on the scale of health without partner.

The signs of a controlling relationship are often so subtle in the beginning that we don’t even realize what is happening until we feel trapped in it, afraid for ourselves and equally afraid for our partner.

Controlling relationships usually develop from fear. The controlling partner is afraid that he or she is going to lose the one they love while the one who is being controlled is afraid at first of hurting their partner, and then eventually, of their partner.

Those who control are not necessarily ‘“bad people,’” they simply haven’’t learned that they can be loved, how to love, and how a loving relationship can be healthy for both parties if there is a little trust involved.

Every hair on my body stood on end and I suddenly, involuntarily, without warning, burst into tears.