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Dating a quadriplegic girl

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At our annual forum on dating and relationships-which fell on Valentine's Day this year-several people with SCI shared their personal experiences of coming to grips with their changed selves and making their way in the world of dating and mating after injury.When Brad * became paralyzed from the chest down after a motorcycle accident in 1991, he went in an instant from being "close to 6 foot 4 and 215 4 feet 5 inches( in a wheelchair)." After leaving the hospital, he worried about what people saw when they looked at him and what assumptions they might be making about him-did they see him, or did they see a disabled person?

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People always say and life is too short for yadda yadda yadda…in the particular case of dating it couldn’t be more true."People are afraid of what they don't know." Amy admitted she didn't know anything about paralysis when she met Brad."One thing he did for me that was really helpful was give me some materials to read that talked about sex after SCI, the actual bladder and bowel stuff and how that works," she said.He has dated several women since his injury, and in the last year has been in a romantic relationship with Janna.He agreed that honest and open communication has been a key element in the success of this relationship.Dating needs to be actively pursued in order for success to be had; simple as that.

So get out there, forget about your wheelchair and start scheduling those dates.

Everyone has an opinion on dating, but not everyone has one when it comes to the wheelchair side of things.

Most people, let’s be honest, don’t even think about wheelchair-users in the realm of dating, but the truth is that many of us want to date or are currently dating. Fortunately there are a handful of wheelchair-users who love doling it out. Ruth’s of this world, but they’re out there and they’re recording their advice just for you; and w00t, they’ve made some amazing videos.

For him, he’s noticed females have been confused whether or not to hit on him, most likely because they’re unsure of what he’s capable of sexually.

What he’s discovered works best is just saying hi and introducing yourself.

” even if it’s eating at you when first meeting a person in a wheelchair (especially under romantic pretenses).