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Dating a traveling consultant

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but it is worth discussing this now to figure this out at least at a high level. Okay, industry aside, the next factor that drives work life balance is the culture of the client.The kids I found that suffered the most were the ones where the wife was a Mc Kinsey Director with out-of-town clients and the husband was a Goldman Sachs partner. If the client works hard or the client is in an industry that works hard, guess what? At Mc Kinsey, my colleagues who had investment banks as clients by far worked the hardest.

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You are flying to New York every week (or fairly often).I worked in the New York Office at Mc Kinsey and in general, people in New York work much harder than they do in other cities around the country.As one of my clients recently said, they have this song that goes like this, "If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere..." and that song is not about San Diego or Miami.It was a great place to live, especially in summer. I paid rent in New York, but I spent 46 weeks that first year in the Ritz Carlton in Cleveland.Sure, it was a very nice hotel, and it's really, really cool for the first four weeks... So if you want the 80/20 rule to improving your odds of having a better lifestyle, don't work on out-of-town clients.So in New York, my work gravitated to financial services.

This was not a deliberate choice, but I had the interest in the sector, I got really good in certain aspects, I liked my colleagues in that sector, they and my clients liked me a lot.

By the time you would naturally think of children as a consideration, there is often too much success in the previously chosen direction, and a pretty high switching cost at that point.

So if you don't have kids, but plan to someday, it is hard to imagine what life will be like, what kind of parenting style you would use, etc...

She had gotten really good in an industry that was not local.

Now she had kids, and found herself wanting to see her kids every day while still serving clients.

If you like working in high-tech, but work in Chicago, you are flying to Silicon Valley a lot.