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Dating american baseball team

He figured, correctly, it would turn out, that throwing a no-hitter would entitle him to more leeway than other players.

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Though he was in Harlan only a couple of weeks, that was sufficient time for Mc Lain to exhibit the reckless behavior that would become his trademark, defying team rules by making a 30-hour round trip to visit his girlfriend in Chicago on an offday.It was classic Mc Lain: charming, cocky, arrogant, reckless.Just 24 years old, and arguably the biggest star in his sport at that moment, Mc Lain had played by his own rules his whole life, and as baseball’s first 30-game winner in 34 years, he was not going to be changing any time soon.When Yankees first baseman Mickey Mantle came to bat with one out and nobody on, Mc Lain let Mantle know that he would give him whatever pitch Mickey wanted.After a few batting-practice fastballs were skeptically ignored or fouled off, Mantle signaled for a fastball letter high, Mc Lain delivered it, and the Mick deposited it into the right-field seats.It was Mantle’s 535thc areer home run, passing Jimmie Foxx for third place all-time.

Mc Lain was coy in the locker room, and later received a stern rebuke from Commissioner William Eckert, but freely admitted the circumstances of the event over the subsequent years.

In Clinton he went AWOL on the team several times, costing himself several hundred dollars. That offseason Mc Lain began dating Sharon Boudreau, daughter of former star shortstop Lou Boudreau, then an announcer for the Chicago Cubs.

The two had met in high school, but their relationship escalated enough that they were engaged by January 1963, and married the following offseason.

Days later he reported to Harlan, Kentucky, to play for the Smokies in the Class D Appalachian League.

Mc Lain had a spectacular professional debut on June 28 against the Salem Rebels, tossing a no-hitter and striking out 16.

Denny did not try very hard to avoid his father’s wrath, though –once, at age 12, taking the family car for a joyride. Denny’s memories of his mother are no better; he remained bitter over her failures to intervene on her children’s behalf, and he has depicted Betty as a cold and heartless woman.