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Dating component for joomla

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Please note that the API documentation on the joomla wiki is incomplete and can be inaccurate.The best way to look at the Joomla 1.6 API is to look directly at the Joomla source code.

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To make menu/component/module/plugin parameters work, first you need to update the XML file.This is because the use of the "name" attribute is not valid HTML strict and has compatibility issues when used in XHTML served as XML.Although there is a built-in compatibility check to look for the old name="admin Form" attribute, it is best to add the new id attribute.If you do not remove the illegal strings, your language file will load until one of them is reached.The now "illegal" strings in the language file like NO, are handled by adding a 'J' in-front of them.IMPORTANT: never use the escape \" for double quotes.

It may work on PHP 5.3 but will break in PHP 5.2.4 Enabling Debug System in Global configuration will display the parsing errors per file and lines.

Double quotes are NOT allowed inside the string value, except when using "_QQ_" to represent them.

In case of js use, better use html entities or single quotes.

If you need to display your component without any of the other Joomla 1.6 admin content (menus, etc), add the following to the url: "&tmpl=component" Many of the core Joomla tables have been simplified, combined or renamed.

This was needed to get rid of some limitation dating back to Joomla 1.0.

English (UK), 3.8.3 Full Package, ZIP The latest version of Joomla!