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Dating emotionally abusive man

He disfigures the truth, causing you to mistrust your perception and the reality of his abuse.

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No matter what you say, he uses contradicting arguments to frustrate you and wear you down.Judging and criticizing: He harshly and unfairly criticizes you and then he passes it off as “constructive” criticism.If you object, he tells you he is only trying to help in an effort to make you feel unreasonable and guilty.The abuser teases, ridicules and humiliates you with sarcastic remarks about your appearance, personality, abilities and values.He makes fun of you in front of your friends and family because he knows you will avoid a public confrontation.He withholds approval, appreciation, affection, information, thoughts and feelings to diminish and control you.

Blocking and diverting: He steers the conversation by refusing to discuss an issue or he inappropriately interrupts the conversation.

He twists your words, he watches TV, or he walks out of the room while you're talking.

He criticizes you in a way that causes you to defend yourself and lose sight of the original conversation.

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An abuser’s goal is to affect and control the emotions, objective reasoning and the behavior of his victim.

If you tell him to stop, he tells you that you are too sensitive or you can’t take a joke.