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Dating gillette razors and blades

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Choosing a different brand of blade involves risk and mental transaction costs that many users just won't want to bother with.

That is, if someone else can just sell the high margin razorblades, then why would Gillette make the low margin (or negative margin) razors, since customers might just go elsewhere for the blades?Well, it turns out that an awful lot of both the history and the theory turn out to be totally wrong when it comes to Gillette and the razor/razor blade market.Felix Salmon points us to Randy Picker's latest paper, which explores the myths of the razors-and-blades story as it applies to Gillette -- and the counterintuitive reality of what actually happened.This week, Gillette unveiled the latest weapon in the razor industry arms, featuring double-pivot Flex Ball technology.It's a far cry from the company's classic Aristocrat razor, introduced in the 1930s.Diese Seite soll Sammlern alter Gillette Rasierer als Informationsquelle dienen. This is a learning information site for collectors of vintage Gillette Safety Razors. By combining an advanced battery dating old gillette razors monitor and charge controller display into a single unit, the IPN-Pro Remote eliminates the need for a separate battery monitor.

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On top of that, people don't want to have to worry about whether or not the blades will really fit or really work as well.

They're likely to feel more comfortable going with the brand name that is the same as the razor maker, knowing that it will work, and that there's a level of quality involved.

In fact, it went the opposite direction, and charged an extremely high price for the razors.

While other razors went for closer to $1, Gillette charged $5 for its razor (with a set of 12 blades).

That is, even if others offer compatible blades for Gillette products, people are generally loyal to the overall platform brand if it hasn't done them wrong. There will always be some pure price shoppers who look for the best deal.