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Dating outside your religion

Try to hold on to your faith and stay true to who you are.

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Luckily, my boyfriend/baby daddy is just like me: he believes in God, but he isn’t religious. But, what if your significant other doesn’t believe in God from Boston is Catholic, but her boyfriend is an atheist.You may not be ready for marriage right now, but this book will help you prepare for anything.The most important thing is to talk to your partner about your spirituality or religion.Before I give you a few things to think about, I want to give you something to ponder: “I believe in God, but not as one thing, not as an old man in the sky.I believe that what people call God is something in all of us.Would you miss your connection with God or Allah if it were gone?

If you continue to date or even marry someone of a different religion, chances are you will be drawn away from your faith.

She tells me how the Muslim religion works, and I tell her about Christianity.

We aren’t trying to “convert” each other; we’re just having good philosophical and religious conversations.

Marriage is complicated and can be a lot of hard work…and marrying someone of a different religion makes things more difficult.

If you can’t talk to your partner about your faith now, then you won’t be able to talk in the future. If your parents have a strong religious faith, then they will be disappointed or even devastated that you’re dating someone who doesn’t believe. Try not to argue with them, because it’s a losing battle.

What if you’re Catholic and her boyfriend is Muslim – should you date a guy who follows a different religion?