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Dating over weight woman

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Women, on the other hand, tended to be fairly negative in terms of how they rated men who lost weight using diet pills, even more so that for men who had bariatric surgery.Overall, however, both men and women were less likely to accept diet pills or bariatric surgery as a "legitimate" way of losing weight and often viewed people who lost weight through diet and exercise more positively in terms of personality and value as a potential mate.

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As we grow and mature, overweight individuals often find themselves being at a disadvantage in dating and forming long-term relationships.Sadly enough, this kind of weight bias also seems to extend to people who are obese (i.e., thin people with a history of obesity).One 2003 study into ratings of attractiveness showed that thin targets who are described as formerly obese tend to be rated as less attractive than targets for whom no weight history was provided.In the study, each participant was told that they would be questioned about “Health Decisions, Physical Characteristics, and Romantic Interest.” They were then presented with the following vignette: "You are single, not in a relationship currently, and interested in dating.You’ve met the [man/woman] below in one of your classes. However, an individual’s appearance can sometimes reveal important information about him or her.Studies showed that people who have had this kind of surgery tend to be rated as lazier, less competent, and less social than people who are seen as having lost weight by more conventional means.

People who have had bariatric surgery also tend to be seen as less attractive and less healthy, especially by female raters.

Ratings were given using a seven-point scale on whether the person in the picture was: ambitious, had an attractive face, an attractive body, desires children, enthusiastic about sex, faithful to partners, financially secure, generous, good sense of humor, healthy, independent, intelligent, kind and understanding, loyal, responsible, shares [my] values, shares [my] interests, sociable, and emotionally stable along with other personality traits.

Participants were also asked whether they would want the target as a friend, romantic partner, or future spouse both pre- and post-weight loss.

For the control conditions, participants only received the vignette and the pictures without any information about weight loss history.

Results showed that obese people were consistently rated lower as a potential spouse by both males and females.

It's hardly a surprise that people who are obese face considerable discrimination.