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Their Third Haven Meeting House, completed in 1684, is still active as a house of worship.Others were Puritans driven from Cavalier Virginia in the Cromwell era or Irish and Scottish rebels transported to the colony as indentured servants.

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Even if you live the healthiest of lifestyles, (as too few of us do) your body is constantly bombarded with toxins-- from the pollutants in your air and water to the hormones, chemicals and pesticides in the food you eat.Like the Native Americans who moved through this area many centuries ago, European settlers were drawn to Talbot County's wealth of natural resources and profusion of waterways for ease in travel.Its first English settlers, arriving by boat in the 1630s, established tobacco plantations along the shores of the Choptank, Wye, Tred Avon and St.Michaels (now Miles) rivers on the long stretch of Chesapeake Bay coast known as Bayside and on its countless creeks and coves.By 1662, these settlers had formally created Talbot County.Additional benefits are known to include mental clarity, more energy, and circulatory, immune and weight problems often improving.

Notice- These treatments are solely for prevention, colon cleansing and detoxification and are in no way a substitute for traditional, allopathic medical care.

The only Doctor Certified Colonhydrotherapy in Maryland.

With an additional Certification by GI Doctors of New York.

If you live within city or town limits, your recycling and refuse programs may vary from the County's programs.

Talbot County, Maryland, is one of the oldest centers of European settlement in the New World.

Oxford, its first town, was laid out in 1683 and served as a port of call for vessels from all over the world. Michaels was an early shipbuilding center and created the swift, sharp-hulled sailing craft later known as the "Baltimore Clipper," famous in the War of 1812.