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Amjad also says she decided not to pursue the complaint against the person who posted the racist comments because she wanted to take "a compassionate approach." She also wants to make it clear that she did not initially want to make a formal complaint, rather she says it was friends and supporters who pressured her to go to police.

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Amjad says she absolutely did not create the Facebook account and make the posts.When Amjad was asked why she did not pursue her complaint, she originally said investigators had attempted to talk her out of it.Eventually she said police "might be mad that I'm being uncooperative" but said it was because she was busy with her campaign.Amjad flat-out denied ever being in Banff with Street, but was then told CBC News had evidence of a reference she made in a text message to being in the mountain town together.At first, she said she'd been there with several people and couldn't remember if he was one of them, but eventually confirmed she had been there with Street.The man whose name and photo were connected to online racist death threats against a Calgary school board trustee candidate says not only did he not do it, but he dated the woman he's accused of targeting.

Now, Calgary police confirm their hate crimes unit is no longer investigating the comments Shawn Street allegedly made to Ward 3 and 4 school trustee candidate Nimra Amjad back in August.

He also says he had a panic attack and took himself to the hospital.

Amjad initially denied ever meeting Street or even recognizing his name or the photo from the Facebook account.

"He just told me his name was John, at some point he said S-E-A-N," she spelled out.

"[He said] 'some people in my family call me S-E-A-N' ...

One post threatened that the neo-Nazi group Aryan Guard would find out where Amjad lived and told her to "beware." Another post read: "You will be lying dead on the street like Heather Heyer," in reference to the woman killed when a car plowed into anti-fascist counter-protesters in Charlottesville, Va., earlier this summer.